What color hair dye will react at least with chlorine pool?

I bleached my hair yesterday and today I am planning to buy a permenant dye to go over the top. I am going to Spain one month from today and am planning to swim. My sister told me that red dye will fade in the pool and that I will be better off with blonde, because after it’s been in a month it won’t be affected by the chlorine.

I’ve been googling it a little bit and some sites say dyed blonde hair can always be affected by chlorine, even if you wait a while. I haven’t really found much about red dye. I’d rather have faded red hair than blonde-turned-green hair, I guess! But will it not matter what goes on the top because it’ll be the bleach I already have that counts?

I already read some other tips on here about putting fresh water on your hair first and washing straight after you get out of the pool and I plan to do that, but I was just wondering if there are any colours less likely to be affected. I don’t really care what colour I dye it, as long as it won’t go green!


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  1. I done hairdressing for just over 2 year, your sis it right red does fade but to prevent that use a spray in conditioner when you wash hair also spray your hair before you go swimming it put’s a barrier between the colour and chlorine.

    Hope that helps… have a great holiday :o)

  2. First of all, if you put a red colour on top of bleached hair, after a few shampoos, you will have pinky-orange hair. Any colour can be affected by chlorine, it can depend on a lot of things, such as the type and strength of the chlorine, and your own body chemistry. The best thing that you can do to help prevent this from happening is to use either a clairifying shampoo, or a purple shampoo. Try Shimmer Lights, or So Silver, they will help counteract the chlorine trying to make your hair green. Another thing that you should do is to coat your hair in conditioner before going into the water. You can do this either with a thick cream conditioner, combed through your hair, or with a spray leave-in conditioner. This creates a barrier that makes it much harder for the chlorine to penetrate your hair.

  3. I’m not a hairdresser–my answer is from second-hand experience.

    Blonde is the only hair color I’ve seen that is affected by chlorine in pools. Chlorine can give blonde hair a green or blue tinge.

    Commercial hair colors with the word “ash” in them (like dark ash blonde, light ash blonde) add a green and/or blue tone to hair when it’s colored, so you’d probably want to avoid using anything with “ash” in the description.

    Also, coloring tends to damage hair, as do blow drying, curling, straightening, etc. Damaged hair tends to be dry, and therefore more susceptible to damage from chlorine.

    Your best bet is to go to a reputable hair salon and ask there.

    Good luck and have a wonderful time!

  4. In reality ANYY hair dye will fade after its been in chorine water like swimming

    I would knww cuz even my super dark jet blakk hair faded a lil bit and turned dark brown

    Crazzy huhh : /

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