What color shirt goes good with yellow shorts?

I have a pair of paler yellow shorts and i want to know what color, solid color, top would go good with this color shorts? Please help! Thanks.

12 thoughts on “What color shirt goes good with yellow shorts?

  1. just please don’t put on a yellow shirt, way to matchy matchy. i think you should stick to a plain white tee. always come in handy.

  2. red – no, because that will look like catsup and mustard.
    orange – yes
    yellow – no, you would look like a 2 year old in a solid color
    green – yes
    blue – yes
    purple – yes
    pink – yes
    black – no, too bee-y
    brown – ehh would look kinda weird but maybe.
    Silver would be pretty too!

    Hope i helped some :D

  3. yellow … cute color i think that the best color to go with pale yellow shorts is like a cute white tee like maybe a tank top. or other colors you can consider is black or maybe even red like with red you would have to wear the right t shirt nothing to long or baggy a nice fitting tank top that me the shorts but doesn’t overlap them.

  4. Just about any color. Green with yellow always looks crisp. A true green, not blue green. You could try a yellow green, too, but I don’t think it’s suit as much. Just about any color – white, pink, blue. Be brave. I usually don’t wear colors that seem adventurous when combined. Don’t do that.

  5. You should wear a contrasting color, or maybe a color that is in the yellow family. Remember, you don’t want to be OVERLY yellow.
    Vibrant blue, light blue, ash gray, tea green, pale pink, vibrant red, white, black, brown, navy blue, aqua blue.
    If your shorts are vibrant/ highlighter yellow, you should wear a pale or pastel top.
    Hope it helps!

  6. Gray ones. If you don’t have GRAYS try any color… by the way. it depends on your skin tone. if your dark, try white. if not, try any color. it looks good. eh…

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