What color shirt goes with dark brown skirt?

I have several dark brown skirts but only one beige shirt. What other color can I wear with them besides beige? I have a medium pink shirt, does that go with brown? I don’t have anything yellow.
Auburn hair.

32 thoughts on “What color shirt goes with dark brown skirt?

  1. Any color would go! Like beige and denim, dark brown pretty well goes with anything…at least, in my opinion.

  2. brown and yellow go well, but if u dont have it, brown will work with black, and white. brown is a very picky color.

  3. Anything nature like
    Blue, Green, or just pink goes nicely too flower colors
    beiges usually are best

  4. You can wear anything with brown, so long as it isn’t black!

    Bright colours with a dark brown are fantastic. A pale color is also workable.

    I think you’ll do just fine with a medium pink shirt.

  5. blues look good with brown! and yes pink shirts look good with brown! white, gray, black

  6. I would invest in getting some other shirts with brown in them. Then you can mix and match all you want. One thing I would advise of is NEVER wear black and brown together. They clash, but sometimes they look good. Just be careful. Hope this helps :)

  7. Don’t go with white it just looks weird. I would say pink because pink goes with anything. Also it depends on whaat your season is. Are you a fall, winter, summer, or spring. That will help too.

  8. I like to put pinks,purples, teals, and greens with brown. The contrast in colors looks really good. Also brings a little life to a dark brown bottom.

  9. depends how dark the pink is – you could try yellow pale blue or lime green maybe? try zara if you dont want to spend too much they have loads of choice of colours there and its cheap!

  10. I really depends upon your hair color, because as a red-head, I don’t think I look good in all colors, so here are some suggestions:

    Redhead: Purple (any shade but lavender) Blue, Green, White

    Blonde: Pink, Purple, Blue, Red

    Brunette: Purple, Red, Orange (any deep, warm color)

  11. pastel pink,blue and green are you best options in that order. Pastel yellow, and white will also go well with that just make sure that if you do wear a white shirt that you wear a tank top underneath so *nothing* shows through the shirt( they can be see through).

  12. Yes. All shades of pink, coral, etc.
    Also, reds, greens (sage), oranges.
    Even some purples, all golds, most blues…
    Look at a couple episodes of “What Not To Wear” on TLC or “How Do I Look” on the STYLE network.
    Good luck!!!

  13. pink and blue are the best colors to go with brown to give your outfit a little more personality. beige is also good, but it plays more on the neutral side.

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