What color shoes would you wear with a teal color dress?

I just got this cute teal satin dress to wear this weekend. It’s on the darker side of teal . I don’t know what color shoes and jewelry to wear with it. Also what color eye make up to wear with it ?

5 thoughts on “What color shoes would you wear with a teal color dress?

  1. smokey eyes. black jewelry.
    yellow heels/boots/flats.

    or black.
    but yellow would be my choice.

  2. Gold/bronze will look gorgeous. Gold smokey eyes and neutral lips would be perfect for the make-up

  3. avoid teal shoes!
    Wear yellow or black heels. Open toed would look nice if the dress is low-cut or halter.
    If you wear a necklace, make sure its not longer than the cut of the dress, a silver necklace with a simple pendant would look nice. Dangling earrings would also compliment the outfit. Bangles too!
    Try to stick to similar colors of jewelry so it wouldn’t look too funky. and avoid teal jewelry, unless it’s a pendant or part of the earrings
    I think too much jewelry would take the focus off the dress, so try not to wear too many bracelets, or rings.
    for the eyes..definitely apply eyeliner and mascara to bring out the eyes, and a dark eyeshadow would look nice, like gray so black, you could also use teal, but dont overuse too much of it.
    I kind of rambled on as i typed, but i hope it made sense and gave you some ideas [;

  4. Black. Now that I think of it, red would look nice, too. But then you’d have to wear a red cardi, too.

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