What happens if you dye your hair twice in the same day?

I am looking to dye my blonde hair (which I dyed about two months ago) back to a more natural brown look. I read online that in order to get a more natural at home look, I should dye my hair red first , then the brown look I am hoping for. First off, has anyone tried this or had experience with this. Secondly, what will it do to my hair?
They also said that I should dye my hair red and then apply the brown while my hair is still wet. Is this a good idea? How do I handle my roots?

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  1. It will burn your hair extensively, so you’re going to need a lot of leave in conditioner, deep conditioner, and moisturizing shampoo. Also, you will need to go get a trim after you dye your hair. If you go to the salon, you can get the color you like, in just one easy step, and it won’t burn your hair anywhere as bad. Just be sure to bring in pictures of what color hair you want, that way the colorist can make it exactly as you like. If you get it done professionally, you can guarentee that it will come out just right.

  2. Ok, you are talking about corrective coloring…First of all at home products don’t have what it takes to do this and make it look good, you can try it but, and this is a big but, you might hit it just right and then you could end up with muddy brown looking hair..some part of your hair may be more porous than other parts and take the color differently..in other words you might have brown roots with a reddish tint to the cold shaft and then end up with green ends..not only that but you don’t know what the base color of the color you will be using is..hard to answer.

  3. Eeesh. You may have extensive hair breakage (your hair follicles can only take so much chemical abuse) or fall out.
    For something like this I would strongly suggest you go to a salon and have it done. Doing this kind of procedure without any kind of salon knowledge can mean disaster to your hair. I’d rather be real safe than sorry later.

  4. You dont need to do any of that. For a natural brown, get a darker brown color, preferably from clairol natural instincts. get a shade darker than what you want. after you color your hair, rinse out the color with luke warm water. Let it dry naturally and when its completley dry, wash it with clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner using WARM WATER. This will fade any extra color lingering. I’m a liscenced cosmetologist and I’ve been dying my hair forever

  5. I actually JUST did this today…
    I went almost platinum blonde a month ago. and I saw a half inch of roots and decided i do NOT have the time and patients for treating my dark roots.
    SO, i went to the store, bought “natural medium dark blonde” 103B i think it was by Loreal. Anyways… it turned my hair a grey-blonde. DISGUSTING.
    Anyways, went back and bought light golden brown the same day and dyed it again. Fixed it right up.
    my hair is a little dry, but not bad. buuut i also bleached my hair two times in one week and my hair didn’t go dry/britle.

    so i guess my hair can take a beating… just depends on your hair. my hair is thick and each strand is thick. if you have thing strands of hair then chances are it’ll be more harsh. :D

  6. okay so i dyed my hair black but i wanna dye it back to blonde cuz i dont like it black and i just dyed it black yeasturday and i tried to dye it blonde with an old hair dye i found around the house and it didnt change at all so i want to try again should i do it because my hair isnt my job requirement so i kinda have to but i dont wanna ruin my hair

  7. Well guys I’m a colorist and I would suggest leaving ur locks to the professionals especially when it comes to bleach you will miss patches overlap and ur hair might even snap off which will take forever to grow back….. Imagine having spikes on top of ur head how embarrassing!!!

  8. Ok so my hair is honey wheat blonde n i usually get low lights n high lights in my hair so a chocolate brown n white added to my hair on a regualr basis n ive grown my roots out about 3 inches n i decided i wanted to go basically whitish blonde n ive been thinking about it for about a year now si yesterday u got a box of extra bleach blonde n dyed my hair myself n it looks good except the chocolate brown turned to redish light brown n i didnt account for that i thought itd go to a dirty blonde n my hair is pretty fine my head nurns first outside in summer so my question is how long should i wait before i dye it again the same color cuz i really dont like the redish brown in there i feel like if i dye it extra bleach blonde again itd fix the problem?? please help!!

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