11 thoughts on “What is a good hairstyle if your hair is breaking off in the back of your head?

  1. Depending on where you are getting your hair done at, if at a salon..there should be a few books with styles for you if your hair is breaking off in the back. I can’t say because I don’t know how bad it is back there. I had the same problem and they would just trim it until it stopped breaking off.

  2. If you hair is breaking off, as in it’s damaged, you probably shouldn’t be getting a perm, as the chemicals will just add to the damage. If you want the hair to grow, then you might want a fresh start. Cut off the damaged area and just let it grow, don’t dye it or use any other chemical treatment for awhile.

    You might also want to check out a vitamin called Biotin. My roommate is a hairstylist and she recommended it to me when I was growing my hair out last year. Last February I cut it a few inches above my chin, and now it’s well past my shoulders. Granted my hair does grow naturally, but the Biotin promotes healthy hair and that definitely prevents breakage.

    Also be sure to get it trimmed every couple months, even if you’re growing it out. If the hair is breaking then it won’t grow, you need to cut off the damaged part.

  3. Try using Dr.Miracle…I’m having the same problem but probably a little worst..I put in a Soft & Beautiful perm and left it in too long and in the back of my hair is a patch missing ugggg! I heard Dr.Miracle works really good if you use it twice a day and you can also feel the tingle in your scalp also. For a jar it cost be about $8..let me know if anything you try works because i’m in the same position as you..thanks!

  4. DO NOT GET A PERM! If your hair is breaking off, that could mean that your hair can’t handle a perm. The best thing to do would be to get braids. Once you have braids, continue to oil the back of your scalp (as well as the rest of your head). But for the time being, get a deep condition and deep press.

  5. If your hair is damaged, the only way that it will grow back is to cut all of the damaged hair off. Be careful with the perms.

  6. Some time ago my hair was breaking off in the back of my head. I went and had my hair cut into a nice short style and my hair in the back was tapered down, so that when it started to grow in, it came in healthy and even. Note you have to maintain the hair style every two weeks for it to grow back.

  7. you really don’t need to be getting a relaxer if your hair is breaking off badly. The relaxer is just going to make your hair weaker and break off even more. Try this product called Emergencia from http://www.roundbrushhair.com and please STOP relaxing your hair until it strengthens up!!!!!!

  8. this product is called wild growth hair oil,and it’s all natural and it’s been out for over 20 years and it really dose work… like really umm i stated using this oil in i think the 5th or 6th grade I’m in the 10 th now i know lol but umm the oil is perfect i love it to tell you the truth i think it’s wonderful it’s for all hair type from white,black,Asian,umm Scottish whatever the oil is really good and it works there is a site in on it i have no pic’s yet but i might give some in June of 08 so my hair should be on or past my shoulders then but the all can be use for both men and woman of all ages and here the link the site it can be bought on line at the wild growth site or at some local beauty store i get mine from sally’s beauty for like 7.99 and the prices may deffer on were you buy it but here’s the link and i hope you guy get a look into it and try it out


  9. A bob cut with scene bangs: You should probably just opt for the cut since your hair is already breaking off. Getting a perm will just dry out the hair even more and break off the rest. Breakage usually starts in the back and works it way up to the front. Perming your hair in the state it is in now will thin it out and show off the damage.

    I answered a question like this about 2 seconds ago so Im just going to repost my answer. She pretty much asked the same question.
    Here was my response:
    Holding on to damaged hair does more damage to the healthy hair so getting your hair cut is the only way to go right now. Taking proper care of the hair you will have left will surely bring on some healthy thick new growth.
    Little manipulation is key for black hair, try not combing and brushing it so much. Wear your hair in protective styles, styles that need little to no combing and that do not involve the hair rubbing against the clothes which causes breakage and shedding. Each week you should deep condition, alternate between a protein conditioner(help build and strengthen damaged weak hair) and a moisturizing conditioner(adds needed moisture). Let your hair air dry as much as possible and stay away from heat accessories like blow dryers and flat-irons if you can.
    On the days you are not washing just spray/apply a leave-in conditioner or spray with a light moisturizer.
    At night tie your hair up with a silk/satin scarf or bonnet to protect it from the cotton(Im assuming) pillowcase. You do not need to wrap your hair at night either, wrapping the hair is just unnessecary combing and actualy aids in the snapping and breakage of hair. If your stylists says you need to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks then she’s wrong. If you take care of your hair washing, deep conditioning, no heat, and etc than you can cut your hair every 3 months like i do and my hair is just fine. My hair is actually to the middle of my back and I only trim every 3 months.

    :Baking soda/ACV (90% of the time)
    :Nuetrogena Triple Moisture
    :creme of nature

    Deep Conditioners(heat cap), alternating weekly between a protein and moisturizing conditioner.
    :Olive Oil Replenishing Pak(protein)
    :Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayo(protein)
    :Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

    Air Dry(Always, helps lock in moisture)
    Oil Scalp
    :Coconut Oil
    :Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade
    Relax every 2.5-3 months; Organic Root Stimulator or Motions are both really good relaxers. Only trim whenyou get your relaxer.
    Alternate weekly between a protein conditioner and a moisturizing conditioner, the first two conditioners I mentioned are protein conditioners by the way. Using protein treatments back to back can actually break the hair off.

    FYI: Neutrogean also makes a good leave in(word of mouth) called silk touch. You can apply this about every other day to keep your hair moisturized.

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