What is the best color of fabric to wear to keep cool while working in the summer sun?

My husband works in the open sun. He has had a heat stroke before and if he works in the hot sun for long will likely have another. I am looking for a certain color that will keep him the coolest while working.

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  1. White. And something that breathes easy and wicks away sweat like Under Armor heat gear- not cotton.

  2. White or very light colors are the best. They reflect the heat & light instead of absorbing it, like dark colors do.

  3. He should wear WHITE and avoid BLACK.

    This is because white reflects sun rays while black absorbs them. Also, I recommend that he wears cotton. He should really avoid nylon, polyester, etc

  4. white! it reflects the heat, the lighter the colour the more it will reflect the heat.

  5. white will help the best because it doesnt absorb the light but it reflects the light away from the perston wearing the shirt

  6. try a loose white shirt that is a lil big for him or even a light yellow or very light baby blue

  7. white keeps u the coolest..all the lite colors…dark colors make u hot cuz they attract the sun and absorb more heat

  8. White is supposedly best. Can he wear a wide-brimmed hat to help shade him? Maybe a cowboy hat or something?

  9. light green or orange.
    white will not be enough protection from the sun.
    colored clothing only protects spf 9 though, so make sure to put on sun screen!

  10. does he want to look like he’s hot or not??? does he want for it to show that he sweat? yellow is too bright….. white is too plain…. i would go with blue!!! o

    or green…..

  11. WHITE!!!!! the sun reflects off of it and it keeps you cool (fresh) just make sure it is made out of cotton. :) hope your husband is o.k.!

  12. White reflects more light then colors which will be a little cooler. If he’s wearing loose clothing, black is actually the best because it will create an air draft under the clothes making his sweat evaporate more quickly and cool faster.

  13. Go with a light khaki, much easier to wash than white, and a lot easier on the eyes while you’re in the sun.

  14. White is the best…(white t-shirt, etc..) or just really light colors in general made of cotton..have him avoid wearing darker colors.

  15. Go for all White.
    – A white tee which is loose so that it allows air to flow and dry up the sweat.
    – White or light colored trousers or shorts.
    – A white hard hat so that it blocks the sun totally on the head.
    – A big white handkerchief or small towel to wipe off the sweat

    And above all drink plenty of water to avoid sun stroke.

  16. White is the most reflective. On the Today show today,they showed clothing that is specially designed to be worn in the sun.

  17. well heres a fabulous hat:

    heres some colors:
    With regard to colors, choose light colors for summer clothes. White is considered a summer season color. Going for white fabrics ensures a relatively high level of ultraviolet radiation protection. White color or any other light color fabric is light, airy and has versatile appeal. White can be matched easily with any other color. So, choose white tops and combine with blue denim jeans, bright skirts or neutral trousers. You can be sure to feel cool and comfortable. Pay attention to the fabric and style.

    here is some fabrics:
    Always remember sheer lightweight fabrics will provide welcome relief from the soaring temperature. The best fabric for summer clothes is one that soaks sweat and gives you a cool feeling. Lightweight fabrics are thinner, the texture is soft, makes you feel cool and comfortable. Selecting summer clothes fabrics and colors is the first step towards gearing up for summer.

    Cotton used since primitive ages, is the preferred fabric for maximizing ventilation to the body. Cotton is a natural fiber with a soft texture capable of absorbing perspiration. Clothes made of cotton are soft and comfortable. Chic, trendy or elegant – cotton is available in variety of designs and patterns all through the summer months. Shop for summer cotton outfits in variety of colors to epitomize stylish elegance and cool flair.

    Yet another option during summer would be to wear fabrics made of cotton and polyester blend with a bigger proportion of cotton. Pure cotton summer clothes have to be ironed. The advantage of blended fabric is that the cotton will keep body cool and the polyester doesn’t have to be ironed.

    Denim is also a popular summer fabric. Made from tightly woven cotton, denim is breathable and sweat-absorbent just like cotton. But, compared to pure cotton, denim is heavier. Hence, go in for lightweight denim for keeping cool.

    Linen too ‘breathes’, hence qualifies as a summer fabric. For thousands of years people living in the hot zones of the earth have preferred 100% linen fabric. Being a lightweight fabric, summer clothes made of good quality linen are soft, can absorb and lose perspiration quickly.

  18. White or gray maybe even light colors only no black the sun deflects on black which sucks cause i love wearing black but now I wear gray alot of gray its cooling to wear gray cause white gets dirty easily…..

  19. Light colors reflect more sunlight than dark colors, so white and tan will keep him slightly cooler. Cotton and linen fabrics will also help since they are lighter fabrics. However, the best way to prevent heat stroke, no matter what clothes he wears, is to take regular breaks throughout the day. Depending on the temperature, breaks need to occur more frequently. OSHA has regulations on temperature related breaks. Also, a cooler of a chilled drink like gatorade needs to be kept available to workers

  20. White fabric is the most reflective of the sun’s rays (black only absorbs the light, making him hotter), therefore white fabric will keep him cooler. Also be sure that it is 100% cotton… not some blended fabric. The cotton will help soak up the sweat. Sweating isn’t a bad thing… it’s what happens when your body is cooling itself off, but when the cotton soaks up the sweat, it will be cooler on the wet shirt rather than on his skin. Any air going through the shirt will be cooler because it’s going through the wetness. Make sure he drinks plenty of water… but not fast as to avoid water poisoning. And him having had a stroke, make sure he’s taking breaks regularly to cool off in the shade. Good luck.

  21. White or any very light colored cotton/linen fabric…it breathes…and the lighter the color, the less heat it will absorb from the sun!

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