What is the best method to straighten hair?

My hair is naturally curly and if I’m not exactly that I need to tie it again. I use heat protective spray before straightening and I use some good hair straightener (BaByliss Pro Elegance) but my hair has never been a SalonStraight quality. It always snaps at the ends after a few hours. is there any tips you straighten me on the best way to get my hair to a salon to achieve straightness and what products can I use that are available in the UK to give? Some help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Yeah you’re best off getting it straightened chemically. Each time, not when you’re damaging your hair with a hair straightener your hair, heat or spray. . . and the more your hair is damaged, the more stubborn it will be.

  2. Now I live in Canada, I can not help you much with products that can be purchased in the UK. . sorry.Da for the best methods for the use of a straightening machine, divide your hair into sections and work bit by bit. The smaller section look like the hair, the straighter your hair is, it is only a little longer dauern.Viel luck!

  3. I really recommend “Sleek. look” of Matrix. It’s a four Schritten.Erstens, shampoo and Conditioner.Eigentlich I’m not sure what the second step. HahaDrittens a spray that helps make it sleek, smooth and gerade.Und fourth is a pomade to keep it I would hilft.Danach a hair spray. Nothing aerosol but, I too would have to do in pieces. All Tie your hair with the exception of a thin layer of soil. Straighten that (spray the Sleek. Look at first though!) And then the next thin layer down. Take that up your whole face is straight! Also, try not to run your fingers through your hair after you haben.Viel luck! Help? http://answers straightened. yahoo. com / question / index; _ylt = Are7IwNXQlhyex2G2LOjcFPsy6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20081216134219AAIk7dJ

  4. dont get your hair straightened permanetly! ruined it. You can proffessional shampoo that straightens. This is what I my friend, http://www purchased. sexyhair. com / chapter / Straight_Shampoo. html and conditioner, http://www. sexyhair. com / book / Straight. htmlhttp: / / www. sexyhair. com / chapter / Straight_Conditioner. html. These are just some styling product, I have the same hair as you but I use shampoo that makes it less frizzy. That’s it, http://joico. com / product / detail. php? CatID = 23 It works great! It makes my hair so frizzy shint and not at all.

  5. Not, I repeat, not chemically straighten hair. They dry out and ruin your hair. Use a hair straightener. (A good) It is the syrum called Straight Sexy Hair. It runs about $ 13, but it’s absolutely worth it. What do I do, I do shopwer then let my hair dry overnight what not. Then I apply a little, that my hair by it through with my fingers, then I start, it’s too begradigen.Dies in sections, another way to get quality salon sleek hair. Just a little at a time, by putting it up in sections. Then put a little more down until you are finished. This is something that annoys me too. I want my hair straight, just like that. The method I gave you not only a very good job. : Help] hope.

  6. This is different for everyone. It depends on how oily hair is. If your hair is naturally oily, after you wash it, then it could best do not use the product. I shampoo and condition my hair. I leave the air conditioning in a while. I then put in some blow-dry Leave In Conditioner, and that through. Make sure you blow dry down the hair shaft and to fall in the desired direction of hair. After I blow dry my hair I set it with my flat iron Royale. (I like this iron, I should not have it at a kiosk in the Mall in Lubbock.) Your hair get split ends, as long as you use the product more as a regular conditioner. I set my hair a lot, sometimes at extremely high heat, and I have no split ends. And for your problem about Little Flicks, after a few hours. . . Maybe you should try the straightener a little at the ends. And maybe your shampoo and conditioner is the problem. I like Garnier Fructis shine and smooth system, not just the shampoo and conditioner. I also use Pantene, which makes my hair really soft. Hope your hair is not what you want it. Good luck!

  7. I have curly hair and straighten it every day and I am naturally too dry. If your frizzy ends quickly you need to get the dead ends cut trim. Not permanently straighten your hair it will fry SH * T out and your hair sounds like its probably dry enough by itself it even worse. Put a heat protectant in your hair, get hair treatments. . . they are not expensive. Just do what you can to keep the moisture in the hair. Do not use a lot of light dyes. Dyeing your hair is blond fry, not harm your hair but dark colors. Set up your hair into small sections and use a ceramic straightening iron. Good luck!

  8. This takes a little longer, but your hair will stay straighter for much longer. Take small pieces of hair and go by very slowly, but only by each individual hair go. Also try to follow through with an iron comb to get it really straight. I use a global beauty iron and it works pretty well. After use, if you have a little hair spray (I use tresseme), but not too much. Hope this helps!

  9. first, use an anti-frizz serum with silicone in it. This is important. What to do if you blow dry your hair wet ist.dann it with a diffuser attachment hanger bolts at the top. The new floor bolts fastening the air stream distributed so it is not all in one place, because concentrated air can cause frizz. (All the force on the same cuticle … Blargh!) Then use a high temperature straightener (wet straight to work extremely well and are also cheap) you can get hot enough to dry soaking hair and straighten it simultaneously, in Therefore, it is hot enough to vaporize the water. . This can damage your hair but I do it every day and my hairdresser says my hair is fantastically well so maybe do not you? not sure on that one. . . but only for the use case: either a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment once a week, if you can. . because frizz can come from a lack of moisture in the hair also

  10. one of the greatest things is when you shampoo, make sure to cleanse it completely. If shampoo in the hair, massage the scalp and hair with conditioner only get really sauberdann and make sure enough anwendenIch even shampooing and conditioning strike twice. and a holiday in Conditionerföhnen hair dryer pointing towards the floor and brushing teeth in front of the dryer, as you down the hair with regular verschiebenBürste brush, then with round boar nylon brush or spray in protectent spray. If curly hair gets used to frizz serum. then flat iron. Iron in the paragraphs on, dont try to much hair at once all the iron. You may want to also use the broad ridge right iron, flat iron how to

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