What shampoo makes your hair smell really good for a really long time?

What is a really good smelling hair shampoo and conditioner? that will make your hair smell really good day and night. NOT TO FRUITY OR MINTY? NO MAIN N TAIL!!!! I am 12… THNX

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  1. I HEART Aussie shampoo and conditioner! They’re not too fruity, and my friends comment on how nice my hair smells. I suggest getting the “Cleanse and Mend” or “Aussome Volume” Aussie shampoo and conditioner.

    Good luck!


  2. Aussie is good but the smell doesn’t stay in for that long. i don’t know of a shampoo/conditioner that does, but i use garnier fructis hairspray and that smells really good and lasts all day.

  3. Herbal Essences BODY ENVY.
    Just go to the drugstore, and smell it.
    You will fall. in. love.

  4. All of Sunsilk’s products are ah-mazing smelling and last for a really really long time. Plus, they detangle your hair and fight frizz. Good luck!

  5. Aussie Products. There hairspray and all of there products will make you fall in love, They are all very light and flirty! I LOVE THEM! Good Luck!!

  6. You should try Bath and Body Works Shampoo and Conditioner line. The smell lasts for about 3 or 4 days, thats if your not doing any heavy swetting. On occasion I use the Vanilla Jasimine scented one.

  7. Try Timotei shampoos and conditioners. They smell amazing, not too fruity or too floral but a nice blend. The smell lasts ages and they make your hair really soft and silky.

  8. Herbal Essences For Long Hair smells great. My friend uses it and she gets complimented all the time!!
    Hope I helped!

  9. I can always notice whenever somebody uses pantene pro-v shampoo because it smells really nice. It isn’t a fruity scent, but it smells fresh and clean.

    If you want your hair to smell really good it’s best to spray a little bit of your body spray onto your hairbrush and brush your hair with it. The alcohol in your body spray can dry up your hair a little bit so only use a tiny amount of body spray. Best of luck!

  10. personally.. i really like the herbal essences line.. their products work great and smell great too, i also don’t mind Tresseme, they’re products smell fresh, and they last a while.. well for me anyways.
    hope i’ve helpd, best of luck!

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