Will putting dye in my conditioner help make the color last longer?

I recently dyed my hair using special effects atomic pink, and i have naturally blonde hair so i didn’t bleach it. I’m afraid that washing my hair will make it fade. WIll adding dye to my conditioner do anything to preserve the color?

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  1. I wouldn’t try, I think you should buy a special conditionner for colored hair, a good one but don’t mix chemicals together and then rub that unto your head…

  2. Yes!

    If you have a livejournal account you can always add yourself into the community dyed_hair. You will find everything you need to know and more.

    I’m editing this, because I’m seeing more and more no’s.

    Well, read this and read it well.

    Special effects is a veggie dye. Veggie dyes have NO chemicals like box dyes or permanent dyes.

    Veggie dyes, stain like paint. You CAN put a small amount into your conditioner to keep the AP (atomic pink) look it’s brightest. It’s like using shimmer lights. It’s a purple base shampoo to keep the brassiness out of blond hair.

    Or those other stupid products you buy at wal mart that keep the red in your dyed red hair.

    Trust me, I know what I am talking about.


    AP is a hard color to bleach out. It literally stays in your hair for a long time and doesn’t really fade that fast. It’s a commitment to have AP. I would know.

    Also, uh, for the twit who says, “It’s “coloring” instead of dyeing.. IT DOES NOT MATTER. If saying dying doesn’t make a person a “professional” then, wow.. I don’t know what would.


    I never claimed to be a “i know everything” stylist. I just know more about colors especially veggie dyes because THAT GENRE IS MY SPECIALTY.

    Oh yeah, I never said the word, “dyeing” to just be exact.

  3. No, adding conditioner to your dye will only condition your hair. What you can do is first: “Put the dye on your hair and saturate it well, get as close to the scalp as you can without actually putting it on your scalp.” Then you can add in the conditioner while the dye is still in your hair (of course) and sit under the dryer for approx 20 to 30mins and rinse it out and shampoo it lightly with a detangling shampoo and you’re all good.

  4. No. Special Effects hair color is a semi-permanent hair dye.
    It will eventually wash out, but may stain your hair. You’ll have to dye it again to refresh the color. Too bad they don’t make
    permanent wild hair colors.

  5. No… their is a reason your not supposed to use conditioner prior to dying your hair… the conditioned hair doesn’t take color well… so putting dye in the conditioner would just be a waste of money.

    To make the color last as long as possible don’t worry about the conditioner as much and focus on the shampoo you use. The shampoo is what will be making your color fade and you can find special ones for colored hair.

  6. Just a little irk.. for the “i know everything” stylist above. Since you’re so fabulously intelligent with haircolor, then you should probably know that it is called “coloring”, not dyeing. That is an incorrect term, and as a professional, you should probably use the correct names for procedures.

  7. yes you can put special effects dye in your conditoner to help keep the color fresh.

    but with atomic pink you dont need to. you could dump a bucket of bleach on your head and you still won’t get it all out.
    just wash your hair with cool water. might wanna join the ‘pink hair’ community on livejournal as well.
    I have atomic pink hair.

  8. Second commenter above (Sab) is 100% right and, fwiw, doesn’t claim to be a professional.

    You might be a professional stylist, jilly girl, but you should find yourself a job as a professional bitch. You seem very skilled in that field.

  9. I plan on using Splat’s Lusty Lavender in my hair. Will mixing Conditioner make it last longer in my hair?

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