Alternatives to Vaseline Wen doing a tattoo?

Wen doing a tattoo Vaseline is used to keep the skin from drying out, Are there any alternatives that work as good…Im not talking about tattoo aftercare!!!!thanks….
Any Professional tattoo artist out there?

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  1. Vaseline is not used to keep the skin from drying during a tattoo. It is actually used to help blood coagulation during the tattoo process. It keeps the area from becoming a bloody mess when packing in lots of color or doing a piece on a bleeder. I would ONLY use vaseline during this process. Any alternative will be very costly and actually the same thing. Like a medical grade vasetration like cut doctors use on fighters that get cut.

    So to more accurately answer your question, do not use anything other than vaseline and its all natural make up unless of course you have connections with a fight doctor and he can get you the better stuff. But you really do not need anything that severe. The bleeding and plasma from tattooing is not as great as a cut from a punch so the vasoline is just fine.

  2. Vaseline isn’t used to keep the skin from drying out… It is used to primarily to lubricate the needles to help them penetrate the skin. Preferences vary, but the most common substitute is A+D ointment.

    There are many tattoo artists who don’t use anything because if you get vaseline/ointment all over your needles then you have problems with ink flow.

    If you are using Vaseline and it’s working for you, then there’s no reason to change.

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