Are you supposed to use a makeup remover before you wash your face?

I don’t use a makeup remover, I just wash my face with my face wash. Are you supposed to use a makeup romever before you wash your face? And are you supposed to use anything else before you go to bed or go out?

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  1. Okay, yes you need a makeup remover but its only NECESSARY for your eye makeup. Once you’ve got that taken care of then you can wash your face. Also, before you go to bed, you don’t need to put on moisterizer (unless your toner is REALLY intense).

  2. Its optional, you dont need to use it on your whole face but you should use make-up remover on your eyes before washing your face. I know from experience that when I wash my face I still have soem make-up on my eyes. Hope this works for you!

  3. I generally just wash my face with face wash, however I find it quite helpful to use a special eye make-up remover. Sometimes general face washes and soaps can be a little too harsh for around the eye are so it’s best to use something gentler and more specific for removing mascara etc.

  4. It is not absolutely necessary no. BUT…using a makeup remover before you wash your face takes out the excess oil and product that a wash won’t pick up- especially if you wear heavy eye- lip- or face makeup on a regular basis. You should start using a toner and a moisturizer too. It may seem like a lot if your used to just using a wash but getting into that habit is good for your skin. Also- something a lot of people don’t know, use your moisturizer in the morning ONLY…at night your skin doesn’t need a moisturizer and using one gets your body accustomed to the product making your skin look tired or unhealthy without it…good luck hope i helped :)

  5. Some make ups does not get removed for usual face wash. Using a mild make up remover is advisable if you want your skin healthy. But using the right type which does not harm your skin is also important.

  6. I used to do the same: wash my face with soap and water, and I thought that it’s enough to remove my makeup completely, especially that I wash my face twice. But I observed that when I apply my skin care with a cotton ball, the cotton swipes some makeup that has remained on my face. But when I started using makeup remover, I was surprised to see all the makep, plus dirt (since I commute) on the tissue; and there was no more makeup on my cotton balls. I learned that soap and water aren’t enough and that makeup removers are really the best way to remove makeup first before washing my face. I love VMV’s hypoallergenic all-over makeup remover. They don’t sting the eyes when removing mascara! After removing your makeup with a makeup remover and washed your face, you can then apply your skin care. To decide what’s the most suitable skin care for your skin type is to consult a dermatologist. After that, you can go to bed. One benefit of using skin care is because it battles with the chemicals from the makeup and daily activities that can harm your face. :)

  7. It depends on your skin and the face wash you use( is your face wash a make up remover too?)If not i would definatley recomend you use make up remover or else the make up if not removed stay on the skin and kind makes your skin dull and under dead skin b/c the make up is still there. Also if you notice you get more acne from just washing your face and not removing the make up before that i suggest to use the make up remover wipes. Their really easy to use,fast and trowable. =)

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