Can I base my hair with Vaseline before my hair relaxer?

It’s been about 6 weeks since my hair relaxer and I was wondering if I can use vaseline on my hair for a couple days before my relaxer. I’m getting it done in 2 days, but the itchiness is too much. Is it safe to use vaseline to help with the dry& itchiness?

3 thoughts on “Can I base my hair with Vaseline before my hair relaxer?

  1. you need to talk to your stylist – she should either use a different relaxer or put a barrier on your scalp –

    no to the vaseline – it is a petroleum product and that is not a good thing for your hair or your scalp. it could also cause problems with your relaxer service.

  2. all the vaseline will do is create a barrier between your scalp and the relaxer – which everyone needs because it is a chemical and you don’t want long term, reoccuring damage to your scalp. However, you should start to address the dryness and itching which is caused by your choice of styling products or a dematological issue.
    If you still have serious irritation during relaxers ask your stylist to try another strength or a sensitive scalp formula. And observe whether she is a sloppy applicator who just slaps relaxer on your head not caring to avoid the scalp.

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