Can I use Vaseline on the dry skin on my face?

I have different moisturizers but they’re not working. Underneath my eyes is really dry, and around my mouth and chin… can I use Vaseline or will I get pimples or something?

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  1. go on use it. be careful not to get it in ur eyes and try to apply the thinnest layer possible.i hav tried this and well i am OK. i hope this helps u.!

  2. here is a better idea. Go to walmart or a department store to the pharmacy area and ask them for udder cream. this will work for sure it is not expensive about 7or 8 dollars for a big container . you can use this on your face or lips and even on your feet if they are dry. good luck (shania twain uses this to keep her lips nice an moist)

  3. Everybodys skin reacts differantly, what works for one person might not work for you…
    I found that Queene Helens Cocoa Butter lotion is the only lotion I can use on my face and not break out from. It comes in a really big tan bottle for approx. $2 at Wal mart. I also used Vaseline when I was younger and had no problem. I would put it on a white washcloth and gently rub my face all over with it. It really gets the dirt off! Then I would wash my face with a cloth and warm water – no soap. I have a fairly clear complexion, don’t get pimple too often, and I ver Rarely use soap or hot water on my face. Both soap and hot water can dry skin. Drink more water and juices, too.

  4. DO NOT !!!!use vasoline on your face save it for shining your shoes and keeping zippers working properly! I have worked in salons and spas working with some very great esthiticians, try using original curel lotion, for all over the body including the face, and for the very dry areas use vitamine E. you can buy it in capsule form , this is what i do , and when you use it cut a small piece off the tip of the capsule, and use your finger to apply it. also youcan take cod liver oil it helps moisturize from the inside out. drink lots of water.

    PLease don’t.

    Please-please-please don’t…….

    Vaseline in NOT for any ones face!

    In fact?…its only for a few small areas of the body.
    Yes it can cause skin problems around the eyes and under….
    Thats why they make special cream for the eye area, thats not always the less expensive.
    That area, is very fragile…o.k.

    You need to invest in good skin care..Thats a MUST!! O.K.
    Never use on chin…no-no-no…….big mistake.!!!

    I think maybe any beauty-school ladies…reading this, must have fainted.

    I know I felt quite ‘faint myself’ when reading the ‘V’ Word and face together in the one sentence.

    I have to go lie down, I’m feeling faint again.

  6. Yes Honey. Vaseline is something like therapy. After you wash your face @ night; dry your face; rub the Vaseline in your hand; then apply it to your face. It will not hurt if you apply it all over. It is best to do this immediately after washing your face; because in doing so, your skin will not have time to dry completely which may damage your skin. I suggest nightly because the Vaseline will replinish your skin while sleeping and you are not in the extreme weather. You will actually see a difference in your skin complexion—no pimples. And plus, no Girl likes oily skin during the best times of the day. You may try to get Dove daily moisturizer-Oil of Olay- Neutrogena-etc. Remember DAILY moisturizer in the day and Vaseline @ night.

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  8. Vaseline is a petroleum byproduct, not a good idea to use under your eyes. Get some vitamin e capsules, pierce and apply the oil around your eyes mouth and chin. Eucerine cream is another very good treatment for extremely dry skin, only I am not sure it is okay around your eyes…check with your pharmacist on this one.

  9. You can use vaseline on lips but I wouldn’t suggest you using it underneath your eyes or chin. Vaseline will make your face greasy. I used to have the same probs as you before….I found a cure of it….Shiseido has a line called benefiance for dry or very dry skin. It’s works very well…. It’s a little expensive around $42 but it last you more than 6 months. I am not how much you like to spend but that’s one I would recommend. The product speaks for itself you shall go to a fine department store that carries Shiseido and ask for sample. good luck

  10. Yes you can use Vaseline. I use it myself. I notice I do get a few more pimples than before, but I think that may just be because the vaseline wipes off a lot of my acne medication. The bottle, you will notice, assures that vasline will not clog pores.

    It is the only moistuizer that works for me. I used to look like a 3000 year old mummy before I began to use it!

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