do monstat 7 and vaseline grow your hair?

i was told if you mix the two together and grease your hair daily it makes your hair grow..has anybody else heard that?

8 thoughts on “do monstat 7 and vaseline grow your hair?

  1. That is just nasty and why would you even attempt this sick procedure. I have seen people put vaseline in their hair and it looked greasy for months just trying it once.

  2. If it was true that vaseline made your hair grow! Homosexuals would have a “pony tail” growing out of their @rse!

  3. I’ve never heard of this and it’s something I won’t be trying anywhere in the near future.
    Hair grows best when you’re healthy. It’s effected by the food and drinks you consume and the care you give it.
    Vitamins help. When I was pregnant the doc gave me prenatal vitamins and the hair and nails grew like mad. I wouldn’t suggest you use them unless your doc tells you to, but a good multi-vitamin should help.

  4. Why would a product for yeast infections work on hair? Girl, don’t use any of those products. Vaseline holds dirt and petroleum jelly is very bad for you hair.

  5. No! Monistat is for a yeast infection and vaseline is for cuts and burns! Why would you mix the two? For one, your hair is going to look greasy and shiny, like an oil spill! Your haior pores will not be able to breathe and it will block any hair from growing out of the follicle! Thats so awful. Get wild growth, girl. Dont make yr own concoctions. Go to sally’s and pick up that wild grow or doo grow, alright.

  6. I was told by a doctor that it actually does work….And if it does not work for yu there will be no side affects

  7. YES IT DOES WORK & VERY WELL AT THAT! I have been using Monistat. Vitamen E Mixed in Blue Magic Grease for years and my hair is damn near damn my back to my A$$! SO FOR THOSE IN DOUBT IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM, VERY GOOD PRISON REMEDY!

  8. Oh Yes it does work. They call it a jail house regimen. Learned it from my mom, used it years ago & it was awesome. Truly gets the job done.

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