Does Vaseline Petroleum Jelly have an expiration date?

I have a small container of it, had it for years, I can’t find an expiration date on it, does it have one?? Does the Vaseline go bad after a while? The container is air tight. Thanks

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  1. It’s a petroleum product so it stays good for a long time. If it smells or looks funny then it’s probably really old.

  2. I just checked mine Vaseline, it had an expiry date of March 2001

    Were still using it haha, it seems ok to me.

  3. I think there’s an expiration date for it… But if you can’t find it…
    I say if you’ve have kept it over 2 years you need to definitely toss it. Check out this link below; it’s the company’s website if you need to ask one of the advisors as well… Hope that helps. :)

  4. no it doesn’t i had one for 8 years only been opened once it still works the same for me

  5. I have a bottle of vaseline as old as i am.
    And it’s still “good”
    i dun think they ever expire. probably in a thousand years.

  6. no! i dont think there is i use vaseline all the time and i can keep it forever and it never goes bad so if there is it should be alright to use still.

  7. As long as it doesn’t smell or look funny it should be fine. If you are that worried about it a new one at least every year. Petroleum jelly never really goes bad i have only seen it once and that was an experiment.

  8. No it pretty much lasts forever if the container is sealed and stored in a dry, dark place and nothing is added to it.

  9. yes petroleum DO have an expiration date.
    And one thing to do so that you won’t waste that expired vaseline is put it on your feet. Yes, don’t put it on other parts of your body cuz it’s expired but feet are dull…put it on your feet at night before bed then wear cotton socks over it. The next morning take off your socks when you wake up and it’s real good for your feet, it’ll be so much smoother. I always do that when I know the next day I’m gonna wear a skirt and sandals. It’s best in winter too.

  10. well this is kinda ironic because just now i needed vasaline for my face and i found my old one and its about 20 years old from when my mom was a baby kinda weird but its still looks fine so i guess if it doesnt look good then dont use it and it doesnt smell bad the only thing that is weird is the container lol

  11. yeaaaaaaaaaaa i think that vaseline does not expire because im using one that still looks fine after 2-3 years.

  12. Companies put expiration dates so that you buy the items sooner in some cases. It doesn’t seem that this petroleum based product expires anytime soon.

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