does vaseline under eyes prevent wrinkles?

ive read in books that if you apply vaseline under your eyes at night it will prevent wrinkles.
i was just wondering if this is true?
if it doesnt prevent wrinkles does it help keep your skin moisturisted or what?

thanks! =)

5 thoughts on “does vaseline under eyes prevent wrinkles?

  1. Cut a piece of aloe vera leaf off a plant. Peel back the leaf and use the gel. Aloe vera is used to heal scarring for burn patients. And it is natural and works pretty good.

  2. no Vaseline will not prevent wrinkles. it is a moisturizer, probably not the best. believe it or not hemorrhoid cream under you eyes is supposed to improve/prevent wrinkles….i would imagine because of the anti inflammatory action of the cream, it it shrinks hemorrhoids, it will probably shrink wrinkles…..strange but true.

  3. its awful..its just crude oil and it acts like a plastic sheet over your skin, smothering it. instead it will likely clog the skin there, make it puffy and make little red bumps appear. It is bets to not use anything at night since your skin doesn’t need it, its during the day that you’re being harassed by the sun, wind and pollution and are making facial expressions that can cause wrinkling. a good moiturizer/oil for your oils is jojoba oil

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