11 thoughts on “Easy way to get vaseline off your body?

  1. Vaseline is just a gelled oil, so a soap should do the trick… dish soap works particularly well.

  2. Kinky are we?I don’t know why you have it on you and I won’t tell you why I have been there to.Keep washing and washing etc. etc.And good luck.

  3. Dawn dish washing liquid is the best for cutting grease thats why it it used to clean up oil spills and to save the wildlife the spills endanger

  4. I used vaseline once to get off heavy stage face paint that wouldn’t come off with just soap. I worried about getting the VASELINE off but then I tried it and was surprised how easily it came off. I’d rub the vaseline all over my face then wipe it off with contoured paper towels, then wash with soap and water for the residue. It worked great.

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