How do you lighten to eyebrow tattoo?

like my friend got an eyebrow tattoo and she wants to lighten it because it turned out too dark and whenever she looks at me it looks like she is mad thats how dark it is so if anyone knows can you please help me out

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  1. errrrr. . . . . lots of UV light. sun get lots of sun. . . how old is it? tell her to go swimming a lot too. basically she needs to do what he or she told her NOT to do.

  2. stop taking care of it. Tattoos look great if you keep them out of the sun lighten, and put loation on them every day, If she stays in the sun (tanning beds do great job at fading them as well) and stops putting loation on it they will. Though i dont think she will be happy with it once its light eather

  3. Eyebrow tattoos lighten up by as much as 50% after it peels and heals. It takes a couple weeks to go through the transition. Cosmetic inks are a bit different than the body art inks when it comes to browns for eyebrows. If it is totally healed and still too dark, email me. I am not going to teach people how to tattoo here.

  4. Well I’m sorry to say it but you can not really lighten it. She might be able to have it covered up with something lighter but if it’s that dark to start with I do not know how much lighter it will go. Just wondering though, why did she get it that dark to start with? I think her tattoo artist should have adviced ago at the time of getting it.

  5. have her go tanning, or just out in the sun all the time. but if its new, it will lighten after it heals. tattoo’s almost always needs a touch up because of how much the light after fully healing.

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