How to draw eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil?

My eyebrows are sparse. Whenever I draw my eyebrows, they looked fake and awful. How can I achieve a natural look with a nice arch. Eyebrow powder r too expensive for me.

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  1. ok well you are not going to have real natural looking eyebrows if you have to draw them on. and if you can’t afford eyebrow powder, then use a sharpie. . . . . not really. . . . you will still look fake.

  2. Don’t use a pencil first of all. Get a brownish eye shadow and an angle brush. Lightly go over your natural hairs and then a little down on the end. Don’t use a pencil and don’t pluck them too much

  3. get your self some brown eyeshadow and a thin brush then fill in the gaps with short strokes. start off lightly and build the colour up till your happy with it. id try stay away from the pencil.

  4. eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush works best but if all you have is a pencil than draw a very thin line and use a q-tip to smudge it a little and never use black, always dark brown

  5. make sure your pencil always has a sharp point, then lightly draw in short strokes the direction the hairs would normally grow. finish with matching eyeshadow or translucent face powder to set. never go darker than your hair color and you can keep your pencil in the fridge if it seems too soft. this technique takes a little practice but can look very natural.

  6. Powder is the only way. You don’t need to use a powder specifically for eyebrows (if too expensive) just using a eye shadow near your color (use a matte– no shimmer to it at all) to fill in the thinness of your brows.

  7. Fill in only the bald spots with a pencil thats lighter than your hair color or it will look fake. Pencil it in very lightly in an upward motion.

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