18 thoughts on “I accidentally shaved my a little bit of my eyebrow left. How long will it take to grow back?

  1. It depends, everyones hair grows different. I would say that it could take a couple weeks as eyebrows grow slower.

    Then again, it may never grow back at all.

  2. If you are one of those gusys with bushy eyebrows it should probably take 3 weeks max to reach full length.

  3. it won’t take long we shaved off one of my brothers eyebrows in the summer as a prank. it took maybe. . . 3 weeks for the whole thing to grow back. if you nolt shaved a bit it shouldn’t take anymore then 1 week. maybe 2 depend on how thin your hair is.

  4. i dont know how long it will take because it usually takes a very long time for eyebrow hair to grow after you shave/pluck it, sometimes it never grows back

  5. it will probably take about a week or 2. the same exact think happened to me. i just didn’t keep looking at it. i looked 2 weeks later and it was back HOPE THIS HELPS. . . GOOD LUCK

  6. It may not grow back totally. In the meantime, get an eyebrow pencil from the drug store. You can fill in the missing part. Maybelline puts out one that works really well and is inexpensive. The outside of the pencil is red and it comes in many different shades.

  7. I pluck my eyebrows, and about every two weeks I have to do some upkeep. The hairs are usually only 1/3 as long as they were origionally by two weeks later. So I would say about 6 weeks to be fully back.

    However, since you shaved them instead of plucked them, they should take a little less time than that.

  8. Your eye brow should grow back in about a month. Hair growth will be as fast as what the hair on your head would grow.

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