What does mean a line in the shaved eyebrows?

I see that sometimes, where it looks like someone took the visible Clippers. There is a line in the eyebrow, usually at the outward? S end. Does it have a meaning?

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  1. in general, if u get bad enough cut on ur forehead hair f? filled out and you get scar tissue that lays the hairless area on the forehead. . . that’s how to get u that lol pinch. . . its nothing really complicated. . . I have a very top, where the gl? Cklicherweise are his streys that I pick lol. . . grow but Everytime I Let Em in i a hyphen receive in him. . . some people cut themselves there on purpose to change the look but i didn’t get lol. . . Mine was on accident when I j? Receiver was. . . the guy in front of Hella narrow minded eh lol. . .

  2. a lot of people at my school have dass.Ich personalized Personal think it looks bl? d.aber I think it’s hot? t want your will in a Bande.Ich groups of people with the same line to see there eyebrow. IDK.thats just my guess.

  3. Well, I have a few friends had been growing an eyebrow piercing and he took it out and the hair again didn’t it was a stroke, and I think the other person it was cute and the hair never grew back. . . It nnte k? Important if someone chops it off or it just a “trend” or a mistake nnte k?

  4. A few people I know scars where she had her eyebrows have pierced, as may for some reason the meat or the skin slide the ring / bar to the left the ‘/’ effect. h? frequently young M? men sometimes have clippered because it looks cool. I personalized Personal think that that will look good (nat to the right person? Of course).

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