How do I apply pencil eyeliner without pulling on my eyes?

I keep hearing pulling on your eyes while applying eyeliner causes premature wrinkles, but I don’t know how to do it any other way. It doesn’t look good if I don’t pull on my eyes. I really only need help with the top lid, because that’s when I pull. Also, is it true that it causes wrinkles?

8 thoughts on “How do I apply pencil eyeliner without pulling on my eyes?

  1. Heat the tips with a match, but be careful not melt it. Make sure it’s cool enough to apply to your eyes. We used to use this trick in Jr. High.

  2. you should just keep pulling on the lid. i don’t think that it will cause wrinkles its not like you you pull on it for hours at a time.

  3. when i apply eyeliner i close my eye and hold it shut at the lashes and run the liner along, it works just as well, no idea about the wrinkles bit! i should think most things give you wrinkles these days. . .

  4. If you get a good quality softer tipped pencil eyeliner it SHOULD NOT pull and will go on smootly and evenly. The harder tipped pencil type DO pull but several name brand cosmetic lines carry the softer tipped one too and you will see a big difference. Also, Mary Kay eye liners are GREAT and you can order them at their website or a Mary Kay consultant in your area. Really good prices and they last a LONG time as well.

  5. it apparently can cause wrinkles im not too sure, but most likely. . You don’t really need it on your top lid, mascara makes it black enough lol then without pulling, just line the bottom lid, wahla your done :) Also if you put on some pretty eyeshadow you shouldn’t need it on your top lid.

  6. If you blast the tip for a couple of seconds beforehand to soften it, then pull your eyelid taut with your ring finger it will go on smoothly and cause no damage. Using a good quality eye cream (less really is more with this stuff) will also go a really long way in preventing wrinkles.

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