How do you get eyeliner off, no soap in your eyes?

Haha, it sounds silly, but this is a serious question. I recently just started using eyeliner. I kept trying it this evening after a shower and I have soap in both eyes! Fortunately, it feels better now, but it hurt like h * ll. Thank you for all the answers in advance! :)

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  1. lol ok go to the store and buy a bottle of baby oil will take it off until Jonhson anymake! nothing!

  2. You need an eye makeup remover. Some might eyeliner are waterproof, so you scrub forever. There are tons of drugstore brands a nice Neutrogena oil-based one, mascara and eyeliner will have switched off quickly.

  3. If you have a lil vaseline with a cold wash cloth and rub your eyes, remove it should it’s pretty easy

  4. Get some eye make up remover (I like Neutrogena, it comes in a blue bottle and it is like reeeally cheap) and with a Q-Tip to wipe off the eyeliner before you shower.

  5. Umm. . I use cotton swabs. & Then I just put water on them. . Then I take it off, as in it anwenden.seine easyyy! (: Try it too!

  6. Total take toilet paper, on poor baby oil, then rub the spot who the baby oil is on the eyeliner. It should cum rite, tho sum scrubbing may be necessary. Make sure ur eye is closed.

  7. You can buy, make-up remover, but why pay so much? You can send things around the house [to use: 1 Lotion rub-a small amount of lotion on your eyes, make sure you dont open. wipe it out after, and wash your Gesicht.2. Baby Oil-Just wipe the eye with a cotton swab, then rinse. this also moitsurizes your eye and Wimpern.3. Oil-in kitchen with only a cotton ball wipe, wash, then. it also moistens your eyes and Wimpern.4. Baby wipes wipe-only, then waschen.5. Vaseline petroleum jelly Rub-on your eye, then wash off. it also moistens your eyes and eyelashes.

  8. Make Up Remover or ponds cold cream! be gentle around your eyes, the skin is tender it less pulling and tugging the bettter! They also sell make-up remover pads with the carrier in there already! Good luck!

  9. Just buy some makeup remover. It’s a Life Saver! I use Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Liquid. Just pour on a cotton ball and wipe his eyes. If you even mascara, wipe the pad down to your eyes, so the mascara comes. Then go wash your face! :)

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