How do you sharpen an eyeliner pencil?

I got my first eyeliner pencil for Christmas and the tip is dull and I need to sharpen it, but I don’t know how! Do you just sharpen it in a regular pencil sharpener? Thanks!
I am not too young to wear eyeliner! I’m 15!

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  1. yea but the pencil kind can leave shaver pieces of wood at times so be careful. I think pencil kind should be outlawed as Igot a sliver form awooden eyepencil in my eye. I soak it in olive oil at 1st now. so ity goes on smooth adn no slivers of wood. also any color of eye shawdow makes a wonderful safe eyeliner if you wet a very fine artists brush you can get at ac moore any arts place. i think u make a nice thin thin line better this way takes practice but then it isnt on ruf and thick.

  2. My Mom, sis, niece and many lady friends use fine grit sandpaper. like 100 or 120 grit. Also, an Emory board (for sanding fingernails) works.

  3. go 2 a good beauty store (the body shop, selfridges, boots) and buy a good make-up pencil sharpener. . . the better it is the longer itll last. . .

    next. . leave your eye pencil in then fridge 4 10 mins,

    then take it out n sharpen it. . .

    hope that helps. .

  4. a pencil sharpner it is a pencil u must be to young to even where if u dont know how to sharpen it then u dont need to wear it

  5. Yes U can sharp it with ur regular pencil-sharpener. . . ;) or u can buy special sharpener for eyliners. . .

  6. no you should use a special eyeliner sharpener . you can get one close to where the make up is at walmart or something like this . put the eyeliner in the freezer one hour before you sharpen it so it won’t break that easily (= .

  7. You can use a regular pencil sharpener. But it would be best if you get one just for that reason and not use it on pencils!

  8. You can buy then but why when you could use a usual sharpener. You should also try lighting a match and burning the top of the pencil with the flame. This makes application easier.
    Hope I could help.

  9. Yep. A little regular pencil sharpener works if u use it right and it is the right size. Easily turn the pencil and it will be sharp.

  10. you can use a special eyeliner sharpner if you want but a pencil sharpner works well too. *tip* put the pencil in the freezer for a few minutes before you sharpen this will make it easier to sharpen it

  11. there are specially made eyeliner pencil sharpners. go to a store and buy one for like a dollar.
    Tip** if you want your eyeliner to go on easier and darker light a lighter and light the tip for like 2 seconds and let it dry completely and then apply.

  12. You can buy special sharpeners but that it a waste of time – and money!
    Just use a normal sharpener!
    Make sure you sharpen it reuglarly even if it is sharp to get rid of and germs or bacteria.

  13. no i did it ones like 5 yrs a go when i 1st started using makeup n it maste up my pencil sharpner n i coudnt sharpen my pencils for school no more use the one that for pencil liners u can get them at any beauty supply store there not expencise u can get one at MAC n they are $3. 00 dollars but u can get cheaper ones 2

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