How to Apply Eyeliner to lower water line for small eyes?

My friend is Asian and they really want to put on eyeliner. But none of us really knows how to have this tun.Wir only eyeliner btw. No other things.

4 thoughts on “How to Apply Eyeliner to lower water line for small eyes?

  1. if you are already smal eyes, your eyes will still kleiner.gilt it just below your water line and line your waterline with white eyeliner to make them look bigger.

  2. well if ppl r saying that, look if you add eyeliner ur ur eyes water line will be even smaller. That is not true. it all depends, ur what color or eyeliner with. If the black eyeliner to make ur eyes smaller. If you use white eyeliner though, it is sorta ur eyes pop. if ur tired of white eyeliner makes ur eyes look awake. But if you are not only white and black eyeliner. or if you are not black, you watever color except white, then straight line of the part have ur below the water line. otherwise ur eyes look smaller.

  3. Well, if your eyes are small to use your eyeliner water line will only make them look smaller, so it is not really the best idea. What I want your top-feeding is recommended lashes, and then continue that line a little down on your lashes down outside in the corner. Do not go in the water line, just stay under it. Just add a little eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye to emphasize your lashes without close your eyes in. Go about a quarter of the way and see how it looks. And if you want to look at your eyes bigger, take a white eyeliner pencil (Rimmel London has a large, and it is cheap too! You can find in most drugstores) and line your waterline with him. This creates the illusion that the whites of the eyes, until then, so that your eyes bigger. Well, if your complexion is darker (or if you are Asian, like your friend mentioned), the white eyeliner maybe a little too hard for you to be a dark complexion. I recommend a peach-tinted skin or eye liner to your waterline, if that is the case. Stila Kajal Eyeliner is a good in topaz. This is a good Peachy / apricoty color that have the same effect with darker skin tones than white, are bright with color. Hope these tips have helped!

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