When I put on upper eyeliner it smears all over?

When I put my upper eyeliner on it stays for awhile then it smears on the other part of my eye (where like your put your eyeshadow). I have tried a few different eyeliners. I even have tried lancome eyeliner and that stuff is exspensive! Do you think any eyeliner liquid pen would be a good idea?

Please help!
I think it is because my face is too oily/shiny, but how do you use foundation on your eyelid? That would be sort of weird and look weird too??

6 thoughts on “When I put on upper eyeliner it smears all over?

  1. Liquid would stay put better.
    It may be your base that’s the problem, if your face is too shiny/sweaty then it will transfer to your upper-eyelid. Try using a powder compact on your eyes before you apply your eyeliner, it should make a difference. x

  2. liquid always seemed to smear more for me.
    what i would do is try to stop rubbing your eyes. but liquid stays put better, excpet for the first hour, it smears for about the first hour than stays in place.

  3. use a waterproof liquid liner. that way, it wont budge. to be extra sure it wont budge, sweep a matching eyeshadow over top of it. :]

  4. i had this prob wen i was 11 about a year ago. I just use a pencil and lighty stroke above. Drag your eye down while you do it.

  5. Try a concealer. It’s actully for eyeshadow, but I use it for my eyeliner too. It helps it from creasing, and helps it last longer. You can make it or buy it. I use Urban Decay EyeShadow Primer Potion. It’s alot of money so making it I think would be better. If you would like to learn to make it, go here.

    http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=AYcGm7S6jcY&feature=channel_page

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