Eye Make-up What should I wear to my eyes seem bigger?

I have some Asian eyes (I’m Filipino) y’know small, but I have another round. Since I have small eyes, I will my eyes look bigger, as I would with the eye make-up and how I would use it?

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  1. Crimp your lashes and then put two coats of mascara and dark blue rim your eyes with light gray pencil. it really works!

  2. Try not wear, eyeliner, as this creates your eyes seem smaller. . and use a Long Lash mascara to open your eyes. . with light shining colors as eyeshadow, if necessary:)

  3. Use a light, sheer color all over lid. Use in the inner corners of the eyes very light concealer or a brightener. Even mascara put on your lashes down in the middle. This you should make your eyes POP! ^ _ ^

  4. Hello, White Shadow in the inner corner of the eyes and white liner is the occurrence of larger Augen.Mel

  5. On your eyelids and undereye use Almay Bright Eyes Concealer + Base (about 6-8 dollars in drug stores) for eyeshdow use a light, sheer color and apply white eye shadow on the eye lashes and apply mascara Kanäle.Curl top and bottom, lashes (collassall Mascara by Maybelline Lash blast or extended cover girls are a good choice) Apply white eyeliner to the waterline

  6. You need a shimmering, light eye shadow (perhaps a pale gold color as you Filipino), eyeliner, mascara, put Conceilers and a penumbra Lidschatten.Zunächst Conceilers under your eyes and the eyelids to create a base coat. Dust a loose powder or pressed on him to make it eye shadow einrichten.Die concentration on the ball of the eye, apply a medium to dark tone from lash line to crease. Typically, Filipino eyes do not have much of a fold, so you do not try to erstellen.Wenden the pale gold one on your brow bone (right below your eyebrows) and on the inside corners of the eyes. Getting your eyebrows waxed professionally is also your eyes bigger erscheinen.Setzen you on a dark brown eyeliner, concentrating on the outer corners of your eyes. Make it go thicker than you. Just be sure to not let it look like CAT EYE ish. Here is a picture of what I speak. http://i205. Photobucket. com/albums/bb66/luckygrrrl/eyeliner. jpg As you can see the eyeliner gets thicker as it starts. Look but dont make it too thick on the inside corners, because this may damage your eyes much smaller. Make it as thick as you like on the outside, because it really opens your eyes. When you want before you put on your eyeliner, a white pencil on the inner edges of the lower eyelash lines. Try creamy eyeliner verwenden.Ihre Curl lashes and apply a few layers of mascara and you’re done!

  7. With white eyeliner on the waterline. It makes your eyes appear larger. Plus, curl your Wimpern.Hoffe that I helped!

  8. With eyeliner and eye shadow, they extend past your eyes in a Aufwärtsbewegung.dunkleren to cover before it easier then, you have Asian eyes, so you have to do to have long eyelashes, do not use when a set of false eyelashes that really open your eyes great! Everyone will say, what have beautiful eyes!

  9. Carrying heavy loads for mascara makes ur eyes look beautiful Another way is to wear eyeliner with a soft texture, because my eyes always printed big and bold look with eyeliner! I really do not know more proposals

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