How do I make my eyes more noticeable without makeup?

I have brown eyes that change shade from light topaz to greenish brown to dark brown almost black
What about dying my eyelashes? Do I have to do that frequently? I thought eyelashes didn’t grow???

4 thoughts on “How do I make my eyes more noticeable without makeup?

  1. wear colors that make your eyes stand out i think red makes all eyes stand out or the opppsite color of your eyes and if you pull your hair away from your face your eyes will stand out

  2. Hm, I’m not sure. I know you said no makeup, but adding just a BIT of white/shimmer/sheer eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes makes them pop, and you can’t even tell you’re wearing anything.

    http://1. bp. blogspot. com/_uHlcL-pcmRw/R5mO15A6mYI/AAAAAAAAA7E/QAGCD67A46g/s400/P1010507. jpg

  3. You get your brows done it does a surprising amount of good for your face. It brightens things up and frames your eyes, making them look big and bright. Last tint (Neutrogena has one, it looks just like a mascara but darkens your lashes for days, it’s very low maintenance). Having no bangs and keeping your hair off of your face brings attention to your eyes too.

  4. YOU should never dye your eyelashes. Only go to a reputable salon to get your eyelashes dyed – and even then, it’s risky.

    Like another person mentioned, getting your eyebrows shaped and waxed does wonders for everyone. Also, clothes or accessories can emphasize different colors in your eyes. Purple can bring out the green in hazel or green eyes. Experiment by holding different colors next to your face to see what you like best.

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