What is the difference between hooded eyes and deep-set eyes?

I was told I had deep-set eyes and I know my eyes are hooded can not (see the cover at all, if my eyes are opened). Trying to find make-up techniques that my small, are too closely together to improve, hooded eyes. ugh!

4 thoughts on “What is the difference between hooded eyes and deep-set eyes?

  1. Hooded eyes – see Claudia Schiffer, Jenna Elfman. Sounds like what you have. [Me too] deep set Eys – see Susan Sarandon1] form and fill Brauen2] always opens using cul eyelashes [eyes] 3] very thin line along Liner LASHLINES ONLY

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  3. Hooded eyes mean that the eyelids appear a bit flabby. Another name for it is “heavy eyelids.” Deep-set eyes seem to sit back in the sockets. They are the opposite of protruding eyes, the way to sit forward. When it comes to makeup, the idea for you is the opening of the eyes and draw attention away from the eyelid. Draw more attention to the eyebrow by placing it in full (but well-groomed and arched!) Use light or neutral tones all over the eyelid, and use a darker towards the outer corners. Use create a bit of an eyeliner “Flick” at the outer corners. Not too big but! To make your eyes look further apart and better shaped, coat all your lashes in a thin layer of mascara and then really go all at the outer corners with a few thicker layers! Concentrate use on the coating of the lower lashes and if you want, eyeliner, draw a line on the lower lid more on the outer edge. Try to keep a dark shadow and eyeliner from the inner corners of the eyes or make them appear closer together! Focus on a stong lip shadow or rouge, as it will not draw attention to the nature of the deep-set eyes. bring with pale tones, in general, your eyes forward! Soft purple are good colors that work well on any colored eyes, and not dunkel.Gehen on the websites listed in my sources. They give essentially similar, so that you remember general overviews of relevant and important tips for you individually start up nothing else, I hope that this advice only you inspired to conquer the problem good luck:)

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