Best cheap perfume for a 18-year-old?

I can not afford to get such an expensive perfume Be Delicious or Vera Wang Princess. So, what kind of scent, I can at Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret to get smells the best? I like coconut and vanilla scents.

8 thoughts on “Best cheap perfume for a 18-year-old?

  1. My favorite is the sexy little things spray at Victoria’s Secret. I think it’s about $ 20 and his erstaunlich.Wenn you like coconut and vanilla scents, Bath and Body Works makes beautiful sprays. Select a spray that is not necessarily a perfume. They are cheaper and lighter.

  2. In my opinion the best Victoria’s Secrets Heavenly. It smells very sexy, and the smell stays with you all day. The best part is that they usually always have sales and specials going on, so check it out!

  3. Cato’s impressions of expensive brands sold that smell good. Celine Dion’s line smells good and it is not too expensive. You can do it at most drug stores to buy.

  4. Try Coconut Lime Verbana at B & BW. It smells like the smell Sommer.Auch Irresistible Apple and the Midnight Pomegranete something or other fragrances, and amazing. Brown vanilla sugar I is another opinion, and I smelled the scent is amaaaazing, says black raspberry, believe ich.Lovespell at Victoria’s Secret has a very fruity smelling, but a little strong.

  5. Damn, I really do not know, smells, well, me being a guy and all, but something fruity / tropical / spicy is incredibly sexy.Aber stick with the coconut and vanilla, if thats what you want.

  6. Victoria Secret has a collection called a secret garden of vanilla, they have some that smell really good too pink vs sprays you can find it smells toll.Wenn Bath & Body Works has some called exotic coconut, but I do not think they sell more but they could look online at Bath & Body Works. com, they could have been there, if not in the LädenHope this helps =)

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