How can I get eyeliner to stay on my waterline better?

I have tried the hairdryer trick but that does not work for me. My skin is very oily as well which probably does not help. Any suggestions? I’m also wondering if getting a more expensive eyeliner would work. I usually buy makeup you would find in drugstores.

4 thoughts on “How can I get eyeliner to stay on my waterline better?

  1. the only way I’ve found to keep the eyeliner on my waterline is to switch to a more expensive brand… MAC Smoulder khol pencil is silky smooth, glides on easy, doesn’t scratch the crap outta your eyes, and actually stays on :)

  2. Try using Revlon color stay eyeliner. It will last all day.

    Water every you do, don’t put eyeshadow over top of the eyeliner on your waterline. It can cause clogged tear ducts that require surgery to repair. Here is a YouTube video I found about the danger of putting eyeshadow on your waterline:

  3. One simple answer for you girly, Just buy a waterproof Eye pencil. I guarantee it will not run or smudge from oily skin or teary eyes, I hope this solves your problem and good luck =)

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