How can I get make-up off of the collar of my leather jacket?

The collar of my fav black leather jacket has make-up on it from rubbing against my face. How can I clean this off without damaging the leather?

6 thoughts on “How can I get make-up off of the collar of my leather jacket?

  1. Baby wipes usually take makeup out of anything. You can add some lemon juice to it and it will take it out even better- but I don’t know what the acid in the lemon juice would do to the fabric, probably nothing,but do a small patch test to be sure if you are worried about it.

  2. Saddle soap is about the best thing to clean leather. Mink Oil for waterproofing. Just follow the instructions on the containers.

    If it is suede leather this will darken the leather.

  3. If it’s smooth leather, a liquid leather soap or cleaner should work. If it’s suede leather you might have to have it professionally cleaned in order to get good results.

    PS: in the future (especially if it’s a suede jacket) make sure you wear something between the leather and your neck and face that will keep this from happening again such as a scarf or a shirt with a collar or a T-neck.

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