How do I keep my eyeliner/eyeshadow from fading?

Yes well, I usually wear a combination of eyeliner/eyeshadow and every time I put it on,it seems to fade like a hour or two after applied..
Anyone know about anything I could do to prevent this?

Thanks for the help in advance. :3

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  1. buy a better quality eyeliner!
    and eyeshadow. Best ones are the designer ones like anna sui, dior…etc.

  2. I find if you put concealer on you’re eyelids then put you’re eyeshadow and eyeliner on then it stays alot longer. also when you have the eyeshadow on you’re brush, pat it on to you’re eye don’t run the brush along the eye :)

  3. I like to apply a light foundation around my eyes and on my lids and then my eyeshadow/eyeliner. It really seems to keep my eyeshadow in place all day. (even when I’m not wearing foundation on my entire face)

  4. There is eye primer you can purchase from lots of different brands. If you apply that before it will help anything you put on your eyes stay on longer. Mary Kay has some really good eye primer, you can usually find a rep online in your area who will be more than happy to bring you some, or they sell it at most stores that carry make up products.

  5. Use some sort of base underneath to give it something to stick to – smooth on a little foundation over your lids or pat on a little skin-toned eyeshadow, this will help it last.

    If it’s eyeliner that’s fading, you can go over it with some eyeshadow in the same color (for example, you use black liquid liner, take a tiny dab of black shadow) and pat it over the liner. This will help it stay put as well.

  6. Better quality eyeliner, liquid eye liner and gel eye liner tends to stay longer than pencil.

    As for eyeshadow, use a good primer or base. Like Urban Decay Primer Potion it’s 17$ or 16$ at sephora. Or use two face insurance.

  7. Definitely an eye primer!!!! The cult faves are Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. If you can’t get hold of those, MAC Paint Pots are also good.

  8. Always apply concealer or foundation before applying any eyeshadow. This will give it something to grab onto.

    Also, wet your brush before use so the powder will form a paste and stick to your skin better.

    As for eyeliner, I usually apply a very light line of liquid just below the waterline where I put my ordinary pencil one.

    Another trick to keep eyeliner on longer is to apply it underneath your top lashes. This is done the exact same way as applying it underneath, simply lift up your lashes and apply a thin layer.

    When you do this, every time you blink you will be re-applying the eyeliner from the top line to the waterline. However, this step could possibly irritate your eye, so make sure your hands are clean and don’t apply it too heavy.

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