How do I keep my makeup from wearing off?

Every single day I go to school and I am not allowd to bring makeup (of course I do any way) but it is too risky i keep getting caught. If my makeup would stop wearing off after like a half hour then maybe I wouldn’t have to bring my makeup to school.

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  1. estee lauder double wear or revlon colorstay doesnt wear off
    set it with powder then use blush itll stay……revlon colorstay eyeliner doesnt wear off either.

  2. After you apply your make up. Spritz a light coat of hair spray all over your face, with your eyes and mouth shut of course. It will keep your make up on all day.

  3. You need to wear foundation! Also, makeup wears off because you touch your face too often. Refrain from touching your face. It’s hard to learn, but it makes the biggest difference.

  4. Althoug it sounds crazy it’s a true beauty tip. After applying your liquid foundation always pat on your powder, and for longer lasting spray aresol hairspray lightly over face. (make sure you keep your eyes and mouth closed, lol)

  5. Well, try better makeup, sephora has really good make up and if it’s like water that’s causing it to wear off, try waterproof makeup, but let me warn you, it’s REALLY HARD to get rid of.

  6. get make up that is sweat proof or water proof wear off proof etc.
    or if u dont want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of makeup,

    buy make up set.

    u just spray it on ur face and it prevents ur make up from running or ruining

  7. Try something oil free. Liquid works well and has pretty good staying power. Match your skin tone, it will make any wear off less noticible. Also, powder your nose (and the rest of your T-zone) I know it sounds old fashioned – but trust me it works. Also – DON’T touch your face. That’s what REALLY takes it off…

  8. If you put Eye Primer on before you but your shadow on it will make your shadow stay on for at LEAST 8 hours. Mary Kay has this amazing stuff. Also, use a good moisterizer before you put on make-up.

  9. Motives custom-blended foundation not only matches your natural skin tones, it stays put all day. I can put it on in the AM and still look fab at the end of the day!

  10. oh please don’t put hairspray on your face, that’s disgusting

    i would need more paticulars, but keep in mind: prime and set everything.
    before foundation, put down a primer. (well, moisturize, then a primer) then remember to set everything with a powder.a lot of people sweat off creams because they aren’t set with a powder. same with liners: remember, liners are just creams/waxes, and they’ll rub off and sweat off. try putting a same coloured shadow over top to set it. (or else a translucent powder, same as you’d use for foundation)

    also: don’t try to blend powders on creams. if you put concealer on your eyelids first, powder them before adding a powder eyeshadow. otherwise, you’re just moving the concealer around and it’ll all sit funny and work its way into your creases.

  11. These are two questions makeup mogul Bobbi Brown answered on an online chat:

    What do you think are beauty essentials for the average teen?

    Skin care is the most important. And as far as makeup, a good foundation that is used only to cover a blemish. Teens don’t need foundation all over their skin but do need perfect zit cover. And as far as color, sheer color on eyes, cheeks, and lips is the way to go. You can never go wrong if you go for sheer. Eyeliner is great for parties but definately not for school.

    Making make up last, how can you minimize touch ups throughout the day and give your face “staying power”?

    Makeup is not meant to last all day. I find that long lasting lipsticks might last for four or five hours, but look dry and cakey the whole time. You can keep makeup on longer by using powder or water resistant formulas. But things like lipgloss or lipstick really only last an hour to two.

    There you go. FYI, Ms. Brown wrote a great book called Teenage Beauty. You might want to check it out.

  12. I use the revlon colourstay eyeliner and the loreal voluminous mascara and it stays on whole day. This really works.

    I am yet to find a foundation and powder and lipstick that stays on whole day.

  13. you need a makeup base for your foundation and the rest of yourmakeup that way it won’t come off during the day. you can also find an all day makeup that is specifically made to stay on all day…try a drugstore like target or walmart or a good department store.

  14. Ok, this may sound strange coming from a guy, I’ve been doing monster makeup as a hobby for the past 20 years (that’s a picture of me to the left). Obviously, monster makeup gets put on a lot thicker than normal makeup, so I know a lot about it wearing off or rubbing off. There are two ways to keep it on. 1. use a colorless powder, and 2. use a spray fixative. If you REALLY want it to stay on, you can use both. Apply the powder with a thick powder puff, and press it (don’t rub it). Then lightly brush off the excess with a blush brush. Then lightly spritz the fixative over the makeup and give it a minute to dry (obviously keep your eyes and mouth closed for this). You can do another coat of spray if you want, but make sure the first is dry before doing the second, or it will get too wet on your face.
    I’ve turned my hands purple, then used this procedure to protect the makeup on Halloween night. I went out for 10 hours to bars. It shook people’s hands, hugged people, held many many cups and bottles, drove, reached into and out of my pockets, etc. And the makeup stayed.

  15. revlon colorstay foundation lasts all day. for eyeshadow: put foundation on your lids, then apply shadow b4 it dries.

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