How do I keep the hair out of my eyes?

I have hair just like my avatar, it’s shaggy and just covering my eyes. My mom doesn’t like me growing my bangs out because she “wants to see my eyes”, but she said as long as I keep it out of my eyes it’s fine.

So how can I keep the hair out of my eyes? Parts look a little weird on me but any suggestions would work. Thank you!
I also want to keep the hair past eye length, and I definitely do not want to cut it because I look like a dork when I do.
And I have no clue what “clips” are or how you use them, a lot of people are suggesting them. I don’t think I would use them though, clips on guys? Weird…but hey I like the suggestions

16 thoughts on “How do I keep the hair out of my eyes?

  1. You could use a hair clip? hehe, just kidding!
    you should probably just gel it back, or trim it a little bit.
    Or, if you really dont want to do any of that, then everytime you see her, push it out of your eyes.

  2. Trust me, I have the same exact problem.Just pull it to the side, I just cut my bangs so they are right above my eyes, yet I still have the long hair.

  3. Just trim your bangs .. it is healthy for your hair anyways it will make your momma happy and u should !! k..

  4. Gel but like I don’t think it’s good it’s all icky. I also have bangs, I just simply cut them at the length like right above my eyes where eyebrows meet. Sometimes they’re so annoying I just sweep them to the side or clip them away (although I don’t know if guys do) Well you could use one that blends in maybe.

  5. I would tell you to use clips and gel and junk, but you are a dude, and unless you are gay, than sorry! No suggestions!

  6. some people trim their hair but some people like it long but it still bug’s them. so if you want to keep it long then i would suggest that after you come out of the shower blow dry it to how ever you want it. the spray three to four light spray’s on it. i recamend just buying something cheap for hair spray. because its not like you should have to buy expensive hairspray for you hair. i mean your a guy, and you shouldnt have to serch through the stor trying to look for hairspray. right? hope this workes out for you :)

  7. I loooooooove the shaggy hair on just keep it out of your eyes around her!! haha

  8. Don’t do clips/barrettes/hairpins; on stage is the only place for male hair accessories in this day and age.
    Try mousse (its like foamy gel, but not as sticky and heavy when it dries) and just brush your hair away from your face as it dries.

  9. Hi Luke, why don’t you just sweep them off to the side with a little gel or mouse should hold them in place. The side swipe bang on a guy looks really cute I think anyways! Good Luck!

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