How do you clean out a mascara tube?

I want to clean out a used mascara tube so I can fill it Vaseline or olive oil to brush onto my lashes, but when I try to fill the tube with water to clean it out, the water just gets stuck in there with the old mascara! How else can I clean a mascara tube?

8 thoughts on “How do you clean out a mascara tube?

  1. This is just a suggestion (not tried and tested) but maybe you could get some eye make up remover solution to unclog it. If not you could always go extreme and use white spirit – as long as you make sure its completely cleared out before you start using it again : s

  2. Instead of taking a chance on not getting it cleaned out good and getting an eye infection try dipping a cotton swab in olive oil and gently rub across your lashes then toss. Also try using an eyelash comb for the vaseline.

  3. pour a nail polish remover, they will unclog then wash it off,
    not tried am just making a suggestion

  4. I’ve been wanting to try to do the same thing! First I got a baby wipe and triend to stick it in the tube but that didn’t get it all. Please email me and let me know what worked for you.


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