How do you make green eyes stand out?

I have blonde hair and green eyes, and I want my eyes to stand out and look pretty. I’m not very good with eyeshadow, but I will wear mascara and eyeliner. Any tips?

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  1. Green eyes are lovely. To show them off, use dark colours, because light colours (such as light blue/silver) will fight for attention with your eyes.

    Do a smokey eyes with black or gray eye shadow. Blend blend blend and your green eyes will stand out.

    Also, don’t forget to pull back your hair :)

  2. I have green eyes and I love to make them
    stand out, too.
    When you want to play up your eye color,
    it’s best to go with an opposite shade of
    You say you don’t wear eyeshadow, but
    a nice sutble gold spread all over your
    eyelid would look good. If you get a little
    more adventerous with eyeshadow, purples/deep pinks
    and coppers always look good.
    As for eyeliner, if you have some eyeshadow
    on already, just some black liner would do.
    If you don’t have any shadow, try a
    plum or emerald green (I get mine from Avon,
    and they’re amazing)
    Hope I helped!

  3. I, too, have green eyes. I find that the best way to make them POP is to use a fine tipped liquid liner on your upper lid, black mascara accentuate the outer lashes, and don’t forget to put a little on your bottom lashes and then use a little black pencil on the shelf of your bottom lid, the part closest to the eye. Plus, if you feel like trying eye shadow I would go for the cream kind and first put on a light pink then add a little or a darker color, such as olive green or grey towards the outer edge of your eye so it sort of fades to the center of your eye. Voila!

  4. I have red hair and green eyes, for a daytime look I do taupe shadow all over my eyelid and a brownish eyeliner. I use a deep brown crease shadow that has a hint of purple to it. for evening I do the taupe all over and deep plum crease shadow with either plum or black liner. If you look at Almays makeup they have eyemakeup for different eye colors. The liner is really pretty, its kind of a deep brownish bronze color. The idea is to contrast the makeup with your eye color to make it stand out. I have used like an olive green eyeliner before and that was pretty. Also, if you do colored shadows but want to tone it down just mix it with a medium brown.

  5. Well i have blue eyes, but my friend has green, and i do her eye makeup. So what you do is you a brownish black eyeliner and put it on(not too much, Just enough so it is visible)and put more in the corners of your eyes rather than in the middle. This will draw More attention to your eyes.

  6. use a light and deep green and a plum eyeshadow. then use a raisin colored eyeliner and a green or black eyeshadow.

  7. I have two different color eyes. The left green and the right brown. So I play with A LOT of colors. On my left green eye, I use lots of dark purples, dark silver, ( black doesn’t pop my eye out too well, but that’s me? ), navy blue, brown, and I know it seems wacky but try a creamy or pop-up yellow. ( Halloween costume ). Or if you want to go really natural and not pop out some much, maybe for a casual get-together; use some gold, tan or light brown. Using a light color underneath, then put a darker shade on the outer half of your eye. That’s my personal tip and fav. way to use my makeup. I got it all from my older sister!

  8. where dark colors and green
    when u put green clothes with green eyes, ur green eyes will stand out
    and if u can find some, use a light shade of green eyeliner
    hope this helps u!!!!!!

  9. match ur eyeshadow to ur eyes or use a coppery/shimmery brown color. to make them really pop though use a eyeshadow in the purple family…anything in that shade will make ur eyes stand out from a mile away. and then of course black eyeliner or eyeliner that’s green or purple works too.

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