6 thoughts on “How long after pink eye can I start to wear makeup again?

  1. i would wait the same amount of time just to be safe. make up picks up and hold germs really easily and you don’t want to get pink eye again

  2. You can use makeup once the eye is fully cured. If the eye is not fully cured you risk re-infecting yourself. Not nice.

  3. Wait for a week. And you may want to throw out the makeup you were using, because it is possible that you could reinfect yourself by using the same applicators and so on. The makeup could be infected, and the pink eye virus and bacteria are very tough little critters.

    Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, can show up when you least expect it, and it is very contagious. There is more than one type of pink eye, and how you treat it depends on the type. If it is bacterial you need antibiotic ointment or drops. There is no particular treatment for viral pink eye. If it is an allergy that is causing your difficulty you may need anti-inflammatory medication or antihistamines. Frequent hand washing is crucial to prevent spreading the virus or bacteria, depending on which type you have. There is also something called CLARE, or contact lens induced acute red eye. Sleeping in contacts makes the eye more susceptible to inflammation/infection.

    These links give basic information about pink eye.


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