How much does it cost to get your make-up done at MAC?

I want to get my make up done at MAC for senior prom. I use their make up but ive never gotten it done there. It is a set price, or do you have to pay for the products they use too.

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  1. well I dont know about Mac but in Macys you have to buy at least 3 products, many stores are the same way.

  2. When I’ve had my makeup done at makeup counters, there’s no charge, but you’re expected to buy something. I’ve never had my makeup done at MAC, though. I would call them and find out.

  3. most places do it for free because it’s bring business to their location. usually you’re expected to buy something afterwards. If you already use their makeup, then buy something you’re running low on or a lip gloss you can reapply throughout the night

  4. About $40 for an application and I believe that comes with a free pro lash mascara. If spend $40 in products I think you can get it done for free. But remember book well in advance!!! They book up quickly

  5. Usually, if you just want to experiment with different things, the session is free. But if you have a specific look you want, and I know other places do this, they will charge you a minimum of two products or $25 to $50 depending on where you go. I have never had my makeup done there for a special occasion though. Best thing to do is just go and ask.

  6. its usually free
    if you ask them to sample a product and are most likely going to buy it then they will apply it on you free of cost. It also depends on where you live and how nice the makeup artists are. They’re not the same everywhere,but i live in Jacksonville and am a regular there so they do my makeup for free

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