How much makeup should a 13-year-old girls wear eighth grader?

I enter 8th Class, I entered high school, because in Canada, where people enter high school to live in the past. I’m trying to make-up wearing not much, such as foundations or anything, just things like eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, except I do not really need mascara because my eyelashes are quite long. . . I already wear lip gloss, but how much make-up would you recommend me to take? Thank you

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  1. even if you are your eyelashes long as you wear some mascara to your lashes look fuller. Eyeliner is also good. Lip gloss you wear already. Well that’s about as much make-up a 13-year-old should be borne in my opinion.

  2. Hi, I’m 15 and going into the 10th Class, if I were you I would only wear a little eyeliner, maybe brown or gray, nothing too dark. some natural-toned eye shadow (brown gold, Tan ect.) And you lashes. Mine are also quite long, but I found MAC Plush Lash works amazing because it makes them fat, no more, because of course has his long eyelashes! Good luck!

  3. Even if you have long lashes, you must always wear mascara. It is a must! :) If I were you, I would mascara, lip gloss and blush a little wear.

  4. I do not want to take too much, you go to school no model photo shoot, if your Avitar want then do not wear mascara, because it would actually be thin eyelashes and pale, it is proven, I Foundation About light to wear the ocational Pickel and maybe mascara, if you do not want anything too big or flashy.

  5. I’m as old as you and many girls in my class take everything as foundation blush, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer. I think that is too much, however. You should wear some Volumizing Mascara make your eyelashes thick, brown eyeliner and brown eye shadow or natural tone. Good luck =]

  6. not too much make-up. . . . . for example, presented as many think that you look good in front of school (it look natural) and then if it like it is too much, make themselves a little every time you think it looks too much. Be sure to set not to lash mascara to your bottom. Hope I helped! : D

  7. dont overdo it, in my first year in the high school I live in New Zealand in the 13th Age u know not what high school guys start but. Umm the only thing I wear is lip gloss and mascara, dont Wear Foundation makes it fake ur face to keep a natural look, ur still young so yeah. . . Goodluck: D

  8. strained, but dark eyeliner, mascara, a little, and when you go to wear eye shadow to wear only a subtle color that is perceptible, but you can see it across the room. as a light brown or gold, depending on your skin type. only a makeup counter or Sephora, or to ask you something (if Sephora in Canada …) and also say, just when you wear only clear lip gloss, then dont. Lip gloss is ok if its only for the color, but then you should only use as lip color super shiny / sticky somehow looks tacky and even people they dont like to kiss haha

  9. mabe u can a light brown eye shadow like peach lite lite pink or green mascara Bage few (if u want to wear mabe) and for the one liners brown / black suits, which tapered off since u A lite pink or clear lip gloss as natural is best and ur old and remember do not make me ur bcuz u dont want 2 luk Trashy I suggest U WEAR LESS !!!!!!! Way better! I hope u and GL on ur contributed to that by

  10. I ur age, I wore all that stuff. but with the eyeliner carefully. In fact, maybe skip the eyeliner for now. but if u dont do get eyeliner liquid eyeliner and dont line your entire eye, want only the outer corners. You do not want you liner to hard look. since ur 13, she keeps meaning to use natural looking pale, shimmering eye shadow and mascara maybe brown and brown liner! Good luck!

  11. My opinion. Dont wear the make-up. Ur too young. the natural look is much better today, but if you must, just keep it simple with a little lip gloss and mascara. thats it.

  12. Now that your older now, Grade 7 is when you start to make-do, so I do not see this is not why Sun Also not to put on cover-up, it ruins your skin and gives you massive outbreaks! Try everything that looks good on you!

  13. Right now, high school seems like the end of the world to you, but it is not. I am a 54 yr old guy verheiratet.Sie need to be first to an adult. “Life starts after high school. Age 30 is better than the age of 20, 40 is better than 30, 50 better than 40th Listen to old people when you kannst.Sie have just begun to live, do not try to grow too fast. I hope you will learn with what you have first.

  14. some light powder blush lite eye shadow to make your eyes pop a lil. and lip gloss and mascra

  15. Hi, I’m 13 also go to high school (I live in Canada) I would like to start wearing makeup, too. Keep in natural and do no more. I like Ashley Tisdale in making this picture. . . http://www. wallpaperbase. com/wallpapers/celebs/ashleytisdale/ashley_tisdale_7. jpgNatürlich her face is photo shopped and everything but their eyes are bright, which I think is good for the 13-Jährige.Hoffe that I helped! Do you have a great time in high school: D-Xo, Annie787

  16. Well, maybe a little eye shadow and blush and lipgloss maybe if I do, I just want to be in 15 or 16, I would wear a little more stick. I hope I have helped:)

  17. im 13 aswell. i wear mascara and lipgloss and when it is sunny i wear sunscreen it is good so i suggest mascara lipgloss or lipbalm.goodluck!!

  18. Hi I’m in grade 10 and I think I can help you. First of all (you kind of got this covered) but PLEASE do not cake on the makeup to
    wear your natural skin doesn’t shine throght because then the older kids will make rumors about
    you and say you shouldn’t wear makeup trust me I know!) so I would suggest getting a face powder (if you need one) I would suggest one
    from Cover girl just one of there pressed powders or even powder foundations you can purchase these at walmart or shoppers drugmart 4-10 dollars but if you find another brand that us cheaper go for it!! Just don’t buy from NYC for face products!! Next would be a blush get a pressed powder blush not the ones that you have to shake to get the products any color will do but I would get a peach if
    I were you. Now
    for the fun parts… EYES now for eyeshadow I would highly highly recomend Revlon or Covergirl I resently bought a quad
    from the covergirl eye enhancers in country wood and it’s AMAZING!! I would highly recomend that for liner I wouldn’t recomend pencil liner (trust me even thought everone else wears it guys don’t
    like it especially the older people at your school I would go for liquid
    or gel eyeliner for your upper lash line but if your
    too scared to put it on just skip it ( I would recoment no eyeliner thou) then even if you don’t want mascara a clear mascara is a great alternative MAybelline great last clear mascara is great but just find one that is the cheapest like from NYC or whatever then for lips NYC and revlon make great lip glosses but even a lip smaler with a bright red color will come out as a light baby redish pink one the lips oh ya and for conceler if you need it covergirl cover sticks are great and also revlon and maybelline makes great concelers just find one that matched your
    skin tone and just find a cheap one But I would recomend Maybelline mineral power conceler! I’m sorry it’s so long!!!

  19. im 13,I wear eyeshadow, Natural colors,lipgloss,and Mascara. Eyeliner is a mega no no! It makes youlook like a tramp at 13. eyeliner you can start to wear around 15. a bit of foundation would be nice if you’d like.
    Just with eyeshadow,mascara and lipgloss your perfectly fine :] you’ll look fantastic if you keep in NATURAL. if you go a bit over board=Tramp. trust me, these girls in my school go SO over board, they were a bunch of eyeshadow and eyeliner, they look like raccons with colorful eyes!

    Hope I helped ;D

  20. I I were you, I would put a little bit of black eyeliner on the bottom of your eye. Lipgloss is an absolute must! Lol. Eye shadow is good, but not really dark. Just brown,and silver are good ad well. Hope this helped!!

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