6 thoughts on “How often should I change my make up such as mascara and blush and eye liner? When should I throw out my make ?

  1. never keep eye makeup for more then 3 months.
    the ingredients start to turn(mold because of the air) and may cause infection
    for blush, foundation. . . i believe if its a good make; it can last until you finish it.
    watch out of expiry dates

  2. Mascara is only good for two to four months. A good way to find out if your mascara is old is if it dries out and the smell changes.
    Blush lasts two years before it is considered old but I would recommend changing it

  3. Mascara throw out after 6 months, I toss mine after 3 if I somehow don’t use it by then, as it can get dry.

    Powder blush toss after a year, liquid or cream blush toss after 9 months and mineral powder blush you can hold onto for about 18 months.

    Eyeliner sticks or pencils need to go after 6 months, powder can last up to a year, liquid needs to go after 6.

    Anything that is liquid can go rancid as well as get contaminated with Bacteria. Anything that you put near you eye needs to be kept clean and replaced often, as eye’s can be sensitive and infections can be painful and lead to vision problems.

    For foundation and concealer, I toss liquids after 6 months, If it’s powder I will keep it a little longer, but again most people will have used it all by then.

  4. You should ‘run out’ before you have to ‘throw out. ‘ Actually, every three of four days you should change one of the 3 to a tone lighter or darker and see who notices. You should even chart it for your own info. It will also teach you how to accent your eye color and focus attention to where you want it to be. 8~)

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