How to get my brother to put on makeup and dress like a girl?

This weekend, I’m planning on having a whole weekend slumber party. My parents won’t be home but my brother who is 11 will be home. I’m only 13 and he will be the only boy there. So I decided I’m going to dress him as a girl. I’m thinking of bringing him to the beauty salon to get his hair dyed and extension added, maybe a perm, and have a full makeup makeover, get his ears pierced, and fake nails. Then I might go shopping with him, get him a bra and panties and a cute blouse and mini skirt and heels. I don’t care if you guys think it is right or wrong, but I want to know how can I get him there? I want him to be the prettiest girl there and try to pull it off as he being a cousin that is sleeping over. Do I blackmail him? What is the best way to blackmail him?

I dont care if you think its to much, I dont care I have enough money to turn him into my little sister.
he aggrivates me and my panty drawer looked like someone went through it.

i got lots of money to spend. i want to make him a little sissy slut. i dont care if it is wrong, it’ll feel so good.

11 thoughts on “How to get my brother to put on makeup and dress like a girl?

  1. Money!!! give much money that he will not say no!!! or…. tackle him on the couch or bed and get him in a lock and pinch his fat or get a tickle spot to make him PROMISE or SWEAR that you can do whateva!!!

  2. I have no idea but u might turn him gay lol

    try 2 take a picture of him digin for gold(picking his nose)
    or record him while he’s sleeping

  3. i just want to let you know that it is not a good idea that is why i’m not going to help you. you’re not supposed to do that to your parents. sorry.

  4. Somebody has to say this: ARE YOU INSANE?! If you’re going to give him money, give him money to stay out of your way.

  5. I am 15 years old and personally I think it’s an awesome idea. I would make a deal with him. For example, if you dress him up, he gets to dress u up on a different day or won’t tell on him if we does anything wrong. I actually want to know how this turns out.

  6. wow your a mentally disturbed. Would you want him to turn you into a dyke? i dont think so.

  7. yes black mail him ,and dress him more . but dont make him get ears pierced , i have no problem with anything else

  8. Dressing a guy up in girls clothing doesn’t make him gay!!! Um…yea make a deal with him (like you won’t tell on him for something or you will do his chores for a week)

  9. I wish I had a sister like you when I was growing up, I’d let you dress me up as a girl for a weekend slumber party. Tell him that you know he’s been going through your things and that unless he agrees to dress-up like a girl for the weekend and be your cousin that you will tell you parents about him going through your things. He’ll probably be more than willing to do what you say and dress-up like a girl.

  10. We think a sexy,frilly short prom dress, nylons,heels and a curly long blond wig ! Excellent makeup and take him out and ask the girls you meet if he makes a good girl. He’ll really like walking around in your dresses if he already likes your panties !

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