How to keep makeup from coming off during the day?

I have really oily skin and during the day my liquid eyeliner starts coming off and it look like crap i can’t buy nothing because my mom doesn’t really have a lot of money to spend now. i see girls in my class and their makeup always looks perfect. & my skins is always oily and makeup smearing off & btw i don’t touch my makeup at all.

5 thoughts on “How to keep makeup from coming off during the day?

  1. Stop wearing make-up. All those chemicals can’t be good and you’ll probably stay looking younger longer than if you wore it.

  2. Hey hun. Had the same problem. first things first make sure you wash you face every day before makeup the use a moisterizer for oily skin(neutrogena one is really good) and just because your oily doesnt mean you shouldnt moisturize. let it soak in the apply a powder foundation(loreal bare natural) then do whatever else you do. Then to finish set with a mattifying loose powder and bring it in your school bag so you can touch up. Lastly bring oil blotting sheets to remove oil when you start getting oily so it doesnt ruin you make up. Hope I helped/ <3

  3. Well you could switch from liquid eyliner to just plain eyeliner. . . try investin in soe skin care for you face like neutregena or sumthing. . . . . itll help ur oily skin and kepp ur make up on longer

  4. My makeup tends to come off right in the area below my undereye area from close to my nose going outward toward my cheeks that is where my makeup usually comes off i always am touching up whenever i get a chance to is it maybe because i use my fingers to blend my concealer and fondation instead of a brush and i rub the powder on a little bit with the applicator that it comes with if you have suggestions please send me an email thank you

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