10 thoughts on “I used Vaseline on my tattoo, will my tattoo be okay?

  1. I’ve also heard the same thing, it leave blotches and takes off the color. But don’t worry, just stop using it. I recommend Neosporin or Lubriderm lotion (unscented). Good luck :)

  2. Stop using it. Ive heard it sucks the color out. Stick to just regular unscented lotion.

  3. Yeah don’t use vaseline anymore. It’s too thick. I use curell (unscented original formula) lotion and its wonderful

  4. The reason they tell you not to use vaseline is because the product is too thick. People leave it goopy on their skin instead of rubbing it all the way in, and this will pull the color no matter what you use. Generations of tattoos have had vaseline on them and turned out okay.

    Your best bet would be to switch to something lighter, like A&D ointment. Triple Antibiotic Ointment also kills the good bacteria involved in the healing process, so avoid it. And once it starts to peel, switch to a good unscented lotion, like Lubriderm, Eucerin or Curel.

  5. NO!!! do not use vaseline on your tattoo any more or ever again. vaseline is used during getting the tattoo because it draws ink out of the skin and it makes it easier to wipe off excess ink so the artist can see where more ink is needed. if you use it after getting a tattoo it draws ink out of the skin especially if its a fresh tattoo and is still healing. If to much ink is taken out of the tattoo it will be discolored with lighter spots in some places where the ink did not hold because of the vaseline. The best thing to use is a nonscented lotion like luberderm for example, thats what i use and my skin has held the ink very well.

  6. no stop useing it u use it when getting it done. u use unsented lotion, neosporin, or AD I use AD it works good.

    dnt peel the flakes off when it scabs dnt use a wash cloth to was it jus run water over it in the shower and let it air dry when u get out the shower

  7. well, it won’t kill you, but it isn’t the best thing to use. Vaseline, like Neosporin, and A&D ointment, draw out ink. Plus, with A&D and Neosporin, when the antibacterial chemicals wear off, you’re left with vaseline, essentially, which is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria. Definitely not what you want in your new tattoo….

    Ditch the vaseline, and use some unscented lotion, like lubriderm or Aquaphor.

  8. Vaseline:

    Petroleum Jelly is primarily an ointment for scrapes, burns, and cuts, but studies have shown that Petroleum Jelly has no medicinal effect, nor is it absorbed by the skin. Petroleum Jelly, or carbolated petroleum jelly, containing phenol to give the jelly additional anti-bacterial effect has been discontinued. Petroleum by-products like builds up in our bodies and damage the immune system making us vulnerable to a host of illness and disease. Vaseline acts as a barrier on your skin reducing your skin’s ability to eliminate waste and produce moisture, which prevents new skin cells from developing properly.

    Ink Health’s Product.

    Ink Health only uses premium materials to manufacture the finest bandage available. Flexible Transparent PU adhesive bandage including a 100% sterile surgical absorbent pad that works together to keep the tattoo clean and dry while keeping harmful bacteria out. Adapts well to body contours and is easy to apply and painless to remove. After the tattoo has healed enough to make infection unlikely, exposure to the air will speed up the healing process.
    •Designed specifically for use after being tattooed.
    •A wide adhesive border ensures excellent adhesion.
    •Coated with a non-sensitizing polyacrylate adhesive that is well tolerated by the skin.
    •Flexible Transparent PU adhesive material has rounded edges to prevent the dressing from becoming detached even after being worn for prolonged periods of time.


    •Contains bleeding and lymph leakage
    •The bandage is 100% sterile and reduces exposure to bacteria
    •Safe for use (reducing your tattoo to exposure from the sun and direct contact with water)
    •Provides an excellent antibacterial barrier and reduces blood borne pathogens
    •Lessening any adverse affects to the tattoo
    •Localized solution
    •Easy to administer, just take it out of the protective bandage bag and apply
    •Flexible and conformable to the skins surface
    •Provides flexibility at the point of the tattoo
    •Simple to removal with water or saline
    •Each bandage is individually wrapped

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