27 thoughts on “Is Vaseline Petrolium Jelly a good substitute for sunblock cream?

  1. i agree with the above post, better in the cold

    i don’t think it would protect i think it would draw the sun towards you!

  2. A thick layer of anything is probably good for protecting your skin from sun damage, but I don’t think it’d be fun to wear.

  3. i wouldent think there would be enough SPF to do anyhting unles in like a CM of the stuf slatherd on you so as a substitute it would jsut be esyer to go buy sunblock

  4. i have a small pot of vaseline with sunblock specially in it, (its not the normal stuff) but i wouldnt use it all over!
    u could use a moisturiser with sunblock in it?
    thats if you dont want to use proper stuff! lol

  5. It will melt, and is not water proof. It is better against the cold that heat. It is ment to be gentle on skin……and is weak against the sun. It is see-through, when sunlight shines through it, it will act like a magnifying glass and intesify the UV rays. It is great for tanning but, it is not the healthyest thing to do.

  6. no, the sunblock cream has chemicals that absorb UV light. While Vaseline does not.

    Used motor oil would be better, because it is black and sticky. Of course everyone you know will act like they never knew you. And you could be mistaken for the creature from the black lagoon. and you will have a unique aroma.

  7. Petroleum Jelly is really bad for you. It’s made out of petroleum which is an oil product. It is also in chapstick. It will NOT protect your skin fro sun damage. It will most likely fry your skin. Use sunblock.

  8. Absolutely not. The only thing that protects your skin from sun damage is a full-spectrum sunscreen.

    If anything, the Vaseline might help bake it. Not to mention make your skin all greasy and encourage breakouts.

  9. I am a mtn biker and trail worker. I have used it before. I apply $1 store fragrance free skin lotion in the morning, and after it soaks in, coat my arms, hands, and nose with the cheapest “vaseline” I can get from the store. It is greasy at first (obviously) but if applied when it is warm it will spread thinly. Wipe your palms off on an old towel or your work pants. It seems to do ok, but its kind of hot. It seems to help ward off some exposures to poison ivy and similar bc. the oils can’t bond on the skin if you brushed into it while riding bikes or lopping branches.

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