A good mascara that does not flake not cause clumping and dark circles?

1) Does old mascara flake off easily, 2) what are some good mascaras They are used that are good for shorter strokes, and has a natural look to have? (For everyday) Thanks

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  1. I use Maybelline Lash Stylist. It’s awesome.1) Yes, it works. I personally would not use old mascara. If it is older than 3 months, it is alt.2) Maybelline Lash Stylist (it’s waterproof too)

  2. 1) Yes, every time you wirdgefangen the brush from the brush derFlasche or pump air into the bottle in there, so make the Wimperntuscheauf the inside dry out. Old mascara tendenziellabplatzen easy, because its essential Trockner.2) Diorshow. The number one mascara recommending ichniemanden. It is the best extension mascara always, I schauewie fake eyelashes on me every time I use it, undmeine natural lashes are not as long. It will not smudge or clump, or flake längerwird (waterproof One) undEs is absolutely worth the money, you should try it, you will fallenin love with him. (Use celebrities and models on demLaufsteg so its gonna be good!) $ 31

  3. I’m using Great Lash “everyday. It takes a while to make sure it doesn’t go a bit lumpy but after being in it, its good use. =]

  4. 1st You shouldn’t be using old mascara, because it harbors bacteria or as etwas2. i LOVE Sue Devitt Mascara Black Widow, but I cannot find it anywhere. fiberwig is how ridiculous extension, doesn’t clump, smudge, and comes off with water. Benefits Bad Gal isn’t bad but its more of a chaotic, but volumized look. (Haha I made my own word; volumized. Lol.)

  5. Old mascara flake off and not smell bad after all. Replace your mascara every 3 months to ensure that custom done and avoid an infection. Some good mascaras I’ve tried Maybelline Define-A-Lash and L’Oreal is Volumious definition. I have short eyelashes, and they work really well.

  6. Rimmel Eye MagnifierIch have had no problems with smudging with this mascara, it works really stay.

  7. 1) old mascara really starts Flake. am to 3 months. It may seem hard especially if you have a lot of money spent, but a good in its Ende.2) Rimmel Magnifeyes can waterproof them to get in or not waterproof. the waterproof one as well and really is WEL! I will go with her all the time mentioned schwimmen.Und for the evening (although you havent it in the question), I would say to have boujour Volume Clubbing Ultra Black.It’s brill!

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