9 thoughts on “How can I remove mascara without pulling no eyelashes?

  1. If you leave your cotton pad / ball with the make-up remover on your eyes, act, and for 80-10 seconds and then gently wipe off, leaving you with the product to its full advantage

  2. uhhh. . . Make-up Entfernerversuchen, something that is formulated for even waterproof make-up, and dab a cotton ball to remove about it and gently pull (dont or drag, as it may take some of your eyelashes away and premature wrinkles) regular mascara (not waterproof), you can use extra virgin olive oil

  3. Get a damp warm washcloth and rub your lashes. Do they have a couple of times and it comes out.

  4. I use waterproof everyday and find it difficult to entfernen.Ich mascara had begun with make-up remover cloths (only target brand or something .. you all the same work!). . I take all my other make-up of the first off on the rest of my face, close your eyes and the lashes rub gently (on the skin underneath your eye) then look wipe under your eyes. If that does not get most of it away (which they usually do not for me) I have my eyelashes pinch between my fingers with a cloth and rub my fingers together. This is kind of roll the lashes instead of pulling on them that will take longer to avoid aus.Good Luck!

  5. if you wash your face, just keep rinsing your eyes with warm water, and when the mascara doesn’t come off use Vasilin

  6. If you do not have Make-up Remover – Use a drop or two of baby oil on your fingers and rub your lashes between his fingers – wipe it with tissue – and then completely wash your face / eyelids before you make up back on – works every time -

  7. You should have a really gentle eye makeup remover with Geweben.Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion works amazingly <3Then all your eye make-up is off, without pulling on the lashes, and it is on currently on sale for $ . 99!

  8. Neutrogena Make-up remover WIPES! Over the summer I had waterproof mascara and it did not take place and that is the only make-up that all the mascara gets out, without pulling my eyelashes out! too much for his foundation Eyeshawdow etc.Sie they can always save, preserve and there is only $ 7! trust me soooo much they work better than anything else (I like it even better than my Mac wipes)

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