How long will an unopened tube of mascara last?

I went to the pharmacy today and bought Cover Girl’s Lashblast. I have already opened and used. My friend had me two tubes Maybeline mascara. She said it so much she could not pass up and she was not wearing mascara. I will not give away the mascara, because it was a gift, and I’m the only person I know has such a love of mascara. If mascara remains unopened, how long will it take?

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  1. IDK. You should throw out mascara in three months. . . . . IDK leid.mein so? http://answers. yahoo. com / question / index? qid = 20090330133651AARuMzg

  2. It takes a long time, if it is unopened, a few years, as it will not matter if it is closed. It is only after you open it, you should use it within a certain time. You should not with a mascara for longer than three months, but it should work within that time anyway, if you do every day. But on the bottle it will tell you how long you can use * it * – usually six months.

  3. I’m pretty sure it will last quite a few months. It can keep an experation day, somewhere on the original packaging, and if not I’m sure you can write a letter to the customer service reps Cover Girl on its website, and get a definitive answer.

  4. if you have never been opened then it would last a year or SOAB if you do then it would be like for the last opened 3-4 monthss:)

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