6 thoughts on “I have oily eyes bleed and my eye liner always under the eyes. Any good suggestions for liner and mascara?

  1. Get a good eye primer it works wonders! I love the one of Baressentails! I have oily lids and keep it instead of my shadow and liner! Water-resistant to help, but the eye primer first attempt! http://bareescentuals. com / bareVitamins 20Prime%%%% 20Time 20Eyelid 20Primer/38891, default, PD. html? start = 2 & cgid = BE_EYESSeite see follow me on twitter NYCStar

  2. I suggest you get a waterproof liner Liquid (all will work). Then you put a little concealer on your water line and wait for about five minutes for them to completely dry on your ist.Legen Eyeliner.Mit a hard brush, angled eyeliner some black (I am assuming your black eyeliner?) eyeshadow ontop of your eyeliner, this will help it eingestellt.Hope this helped!

  3. I have the same problem! Here’s what I’m doing my eyeliner stay — and it works. Use a concealer the same shade as the skin and rub it under your eyes as close to the eye, as you can. Then take a Q-tip and run it in your water line, careful not to put your eye. Then apply eyeliner. It remains the whole day! I tried everything and this is the only thing that works. Hope this helps!

  4. First off, do not use mascara on the bottom lashes. Try Maybelline Line Stylist Liner, Clinique Lash Doubling and mascara. UndNachdem the liner on the floor derIhre eyes, use a tissue to it will remain wegzuwischen.So it, but you will immerloszuwerden excess liner that potential hatbluten.Funktioniert with me. Good luck. :)

  5. Have you tried to select. Products? (Daughter of Avon line) I have very oily skin and use Good Riddance to hook up concealer in the lightest color under my eyes and apply it with Mark. s concealer brush. Then I apply powder, bronzer and all over my face, including under the Augen.Wie for eyeliner, it depends if you like glue or liquid. Mark. has both, I use both on a daily basis. I am applying Markit on lid, as close to the eye and then go over it with “on the edge” Liquid Liner. You can use one or both if you have problems with your liner bleeding, I suggest liquid liner. Both liner last all day, but liquid liner have a tendency to stay setzen.Für look like false eyelashes without the use of false eyelashes, is the secret with two mascaras! 1 Apply “Make It Big” in brown or black mascara from the root to the tip of the Wimpern.2. Apply Scandalash “mascara in brown or black from the middle to the tip of the eyelash scandalash Mascara is the finishing operate and creates aussehen.Ich really believe this process every day and can you pictures of my lashes, if you möchten.Um this products, visit www. mymarkstore. com / chickey and click on Make-up and then the eyes, and you will see both products. If you have questions, please email me to mark on. chickey @ gmail. com! 90% mark. Products are under $ 6! Best offer: Buy 1 get 1 free lip gloss (juice gems) to 3 January! Free shipping on any order of $ 20 or more!

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